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UFS Fenix
United Tactical Operations and Manufacturing
Externus Hostis
Posted - 2011.09.06 06:42:00 - [1]

Externus Hostis, - Enemy of the State

Externus Hostis [EX-HO] is founded on the Principle that we all fight, and we all work together to Achieve the most important goal an Alliance may pursue. We arenít your typical Alliance, We might not be the best, but we will strive to. We work hard to take care of our own. Anyone that double-crosses us or stands in our way we will seek out and destroy at all costs. Watch out because we are the Enemy of your state. May the Grim Reaper Guide and protect us.

Externus Hostis is a US/EU Time zone Alliance. We live in the Amarr Region. High sec and Low Sec, roaming to Syndicate from time to time.
Our Web Site is , Fail killboard is there as well.

Externus Hostis is an Alliance that understands that a base of Industry and PvP is required in order to succeed in eve. We are by no means Care bears! We currently live in Empire and Also in Low Sec (NBSI Enforced 0.4 -0.1). Our Alliance has Poses up for production/Research and other projects in low sec, and we are currently using the low sec to Practice Anti-Pirate PVP, Build Our Alliance, and Capital Fleet. We have many friends in this Area. Once we have a well established Alliance we will continue on to Syndicate 00. We believe corps should be allowed to do as they please, but also commit to the Alliance whenever possible.

What we are looking for are other Corporations and also Corp Members in search of a Strong Alliance, willing to help commit to the Cause. Corporations should be 25 Members +, willing to Fight, Specially War declaration, we do those a lot! in low sec/00, be on Ventrillo and PvP is a MUST Again I stress this!!!. Corporate Capital Ships are not required to join but a Bonus. The Alliance is run in a Democratic Council consisting of CEOS and Directors from Various Corps. 2 From Each Corp. The mediator has ultimate control and power of Alliance affairs but only steps in during emergencies. We mainly focus on Stealth Fleets , Electronic Warfare Fleets, and Larger Shield Fleets , we use unconventional methods, fittings, and ship types compared to most Alliances (it works and its interesting and always new). Our plan for local dominance involve low sec fighting, we usually will war dec our opponents sense we do not wish to take massive sec hits unless itís necessary, and we prefer to use Small ships in low sec / General PvP , easier done with a war dec. We arenít care bears but still want to go to high sec to run missions after our pew pew.
What we offer in quick summary:

: What we are:

Mission Runners
Miners & Industrialists
Explorers . low sec and 0.0 Pilots
NBSI Enforcers
PvPers and Killers
Important Attribute:
Americans and Some Germans, and lots of beer and Freedom Fys.

: What we offer:

Fun & Unique playing environments.
0.2 Ore / Scan Sites
PvP ops with large or small numbers.
Roaming gangs with large or small numbers.
Capital ship backup within alliance.
Ventrillo Server
Kill board and Forum
Level 4 and Level 5 missions with multiple Amarr Corporations. (Example:Amarr Navy)
Fleet ops for Level 4, Level 5,.
Ship Building Program, Ships cheaper than Market. (For Capitals (Alliance(Smaller ships provided by Corps)
US time zones covered as well as a few others here and there and also many more in the alliance.
Hauling services (JF).
Multiple mining ops with Orca support both with corp and alliance.
Low Sec Access 0.2
Empire POS Access with Multiple Research Labs (Avail to Whole Alliance)
3 Years + of Experience and 100+ members.

: What we require:

Must be fun.
Limited API is required. (if joining corp.)
No Corp or Alliance Hoppers
Commitment, Teamwork and an Open Mind,
Must PVP! And Contribute to Local Defense.
Must use Ventrilo!

For More Information contact UFS Fenix .

Posted - 2011.09.06 08:16:00 - [2]

Come join all the fun! A good group of people. Loving every minute of it.

Posted - 2011.09.06 19:44:00 - [3]

Come Join us. We all have lots of fun and have several experienced players that lead PVP ops and mining ops. Join our family you know you want to...LOLVery Happy

Posted - 2011.09.06 21:38:00 - [4]

Howdy Ppl, would love to have some EU People in my corp !!!!!

Posted - 2011.09.07 18:02:00 - [5]

West Coast Trading Company is hiring! Come join the fun.


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