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Posted - 2011.09.05 16:10:00 - [1]

Was thinking of how patrol ships could fit into New Eden, and what their given role would be for the empires etc.

So, what would a patrol ship be? What would they face? And what would their purpose be?

The conclusion i came to was that, since New Eden is such a vast area... and each empire has such a vast territory to keep under control. That if a patrol was to be out and enforce the laws of the empire and make sure that the boarders where secure and all other types of crimes where kept under control. The patrol ship would have to be fairy large, be quite capable of dealing with smaller gangs of ships and aswell incursions for the more established pirate organizations. Aswell as being able to self jump to various systems (no long jumps though).

Thus, the ship would be a blend between Dreadnought/battleship in size, but good vs small ships and capable of taking battleships aswell. The reason why the size would be in such scale is simple. Due to the vastness of the empires and the areas they would patrol... help wouldnt be around the corner. They would simply have to be able to fend for themselves, or atleast survive untill help arrived.
So my idea is that while having 7 to 8 high slots. 2 of these would have a restriction that would only allow them to equip frigate sized weapons. These two slots would yield a 100% dmg bonus.
The remaining high slot could have 4-5 turrent/launcher capabilities (depending on caldari/amarr/gallente/minmatar faction ofc). These slots would be capable of carrying battleship sized weapons.
Since the vessel is large and geared for combat it should be slightly better then a battleship with the main weapons. For example, Caldari could have dmg bonus on the given main launcher slots. Gallente could have a bonus on +1 drone capability per skill lvl in Patrol ships instead of main gun/launcher dmg bonus. And a fairly large drone bay (250 m3) turning it into a mini carrier. 10 Sentry drones anyone?

These ships would have to be skill intense, due to self jump capabilities, the size of the vessel and their innate battle strenghts.

So what would the weakness be of such a ship? I'd say it would probably be a gang of cruiser sized ships able to move faster then the main guns and stay out of range for the small anti frigate weapons.
Another restriction could be that their main purpose beyond their given role.. would be to patrol where concorde normaly wont go. As in low sec. Thus not being able to enter high sec of 0.7 or above

Of course these are just ideas of mine. But i do belive there is a place for a ship that is between Battleship and carrier/dreadnought in size and battle capabilities which duties would be to enforce an empire's law and order in the rougher regions of Eve.


This thread is older than 90 days and has been locked due to inactivity.


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