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Quantum Oksaras
Posted - 2011.09.05 09:32:00 - [1]

Hi All,

I apologise up front if this is the wrong place to put this. Please provide guidance & I'll comply.

I've developed a set of spreadsheets which I'm interested in selling outright for ISK.

Here's what it does -

It will provide you a list of items, every 2 hours, which if purchased can be recycled into components which sell for more than the item itself aka " Mineral Arbitrage ". There are 3,546 possible items, spread across Ore, Ships, Ammo & items.

The value of the components is based on Jita median sale price.

In the past week, spending 30 minutes per day buying and selling, this alt has generated 30m isk risk free in Jita. All items where purchased in Jita 4-4 - More could have been generated if bought items from other stations and shipped to Jita for recycling.

I know what you are thinking - what kind of magic awesomeness is this? He must be full of sh*t. That's unpossible!

So I present to you some proof.


My alt has a Refine Rate of 93.867%. She has : Lvl 5 Refining, Lvl 4 Refining Effeciency, & that Hard Wire implant that reduces Waste by 2%. She also has Lvl 4 Accounting. As of 4:45pm ACST there are 15 items in Dodixie which are profitable within my alts Skills.

Higher Refine Rate + Accounting Lvl would make more items profitable.

Dodixie -

Item: Ferox: $15,900,000
RecycleV: $16,105,413.74 | Profit: $205,413.74

Item: Eos: 136,000,000
RecycleV: $138,265,556.51 | Profit: 2,265,556.51

Item: Languid Phase Inversion ECM I $9,500
RecycleV: $14,538.23 | Profit: $5,038.23

Item: Initiated Signal Distortion Amplifier I $10,500
RecycleV: $15,455.27 | Profit: $4,955.27

Item: Tracking Link I $9,500
RecycleV: $18,297.93 | Profit: $8,797.93


Using Tracking Link I for the example, you can see that the item recycles into minerals valued at ISK 18,000. Based on your appetite for profit, any number of items you can purchase under that 18,000 point, is isk in your wallet.

In Jita, the number of profitable items right now is: 51.

There is 1 item currently on the Jita market which if the available multiples were purchased at the sale price +10% variation, total recycle profit = 62 million isk. This sort of thing comes up a lot.

As well, if anyone wants to loan me 5B isk, we can make an 18 BILLION Profit...


You may have seen something similar via the site - The problem with that one is that itís taking the 24hr data dump csv from evecentral and then suggesting recycling profits. Unfortunately, some of the calculations are off & the data is out of date by 24 hrs.

The sheets above are up-to-the minute accurate based on eve-central posting data.


Why would I sell this? Why donít I just continue to use it ?

A couple of reasons -

1. Iíd rather fly my spaceships than fiddle with trading.
2. Iíve found I prefer to build & test these sorts of spreadsheets, but then my interest wanes on using them.
3. My time of playing is getting limited these days, so I'd rather spend the time flying, not trading.

What do you get if you buy them from me:

4 Google spreadsheets containing the 3,546 items noted above with a breakdown of how the values are calculated & instruction on how to show stations other than Jita (ie other Market Hubs)

How much...

Well now, thereís the rub. I donít know. Make me an offer & if I like it, weíll do some business.



Tear Anasarsy
Kigurosaka Corporation
Posted - 2011.09.05 12:25:00 - [2]

To be fair I did not read the whole post.

But what I did read it sounds like it is not a massive money maker if your only making 30mil a week for 3.5hours work.. I can make more than that with a couple lvl4 missions in less time.

That being said trying to sell the spreadsheets for ISK wont get you much, maybe 150mil if your lucky, as it is not exactly a massive money maker like I said.

But, also saying that, if your will ing to do a sample spreadsheet of say 20 out of your 3000+ items as a tester, I can see what I can make out of it in a week and might be of more value after some practical use.

Posted - 2011.09.05 12:43:00 - [3]

Originally by: Quantum Oksaras
There are 3,546 possible items ...
In Jita ...: 51.

So most of the items are outside Jita, but needs to be transported to Jita either before or after reprosessing.

Did you do any calculations of how much time this would take? If these items are spread over whole map, then I don't think this would be profitable just because of huge amount of time needed for transporting.

Kei Darker
Posted - 2011.09.05 14:53:00 - [4]

are you manually pulling the values of the items on the market?

James Arget
Future Corps
Sleeper Social Club
Posted - 2011.09.05 20:36:00 - [5]

Sounds like an excellent exercise for newer players learning markets, or perhaps for miners who have significant refining skills who would like a change of pace.

Quantum Oksaras
Posted - 2011.09.05 21:28:00 - [6]

A couple of replies:

Tear Anasarsy: Yes, true. But there is no risk of losing my ship. However, I only had 100m to start with and invest in. Some of the items like ships or Tech2 are generally more than 100m to start with, so automatically out of the equation.

malaire: Perhaps a bit of misunderstanding - of the 3546 item types that could be reprocessed at some time, 51 of those types were profitable in Jita with my skills.

Of the item types, there are more amounts than just 51 - ie Shield Boosters are a type, and there are x thousands on the market.

Kei Darker: No. The item values are being extracted via the eve-central api & the component values (minerals, etc) are being pulled via eve-marketdata to take advantage of the low fluctuation in mineral movement.


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