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Luc Chastot
Posted - 2011.09.05 02:08:00 - [1]

Can fully T2 fit a frigate and I'm 25 days away from medium T2 guns, currently training for a Proteus.
Can cover my own expenses with no problem, so I just need some direction in pvp.
I can properly fit a ship as long as I know which role I'm filling.

Also, I'm tired of carebearing and want to leave highsec and the wasteland that is lowsec fast.

Luc Chastot
Posted - 2011.09.05 02:58:00 - [2]

Bumping to the top.

Mumtaz Khan
Nagrom Security Syndicate
Posted - 2011.09.05 04:28:00 - [3]

Check out Nagrom Security Syndicate. We are based out of Syndicate 0.0. We welcome pilots of all experience levels. Give us a shout in "SOG-Public" if you're interested.

Red Teufel
Blackened Skies
Posted - 2011.09.05 05:53:00 - [4] visit your user settings to enable images.
Being a null sec pirate is probably the most fun you will have in EVE.
Blackened Skies will give you that opportunity. We are one of the few North
American based pirate corps in EVE; pvping on a daily basis. We are very laid
back. We will not micromanage grown men by heavily regulating what they
can and can't do. You just bring the passion to kill stuff and you'll feel right at
home. If you are a carebear looking to become a pirate we will train you. If
you are a fat carebear and you need to slim down try out our signature Red
Flashy Program in Bosena

By joining Blackened Skies expect:

BO fleets

Gate camp fleets / roaming fleets / ect

PvP Training

To be part of a great community

PvP daily across EU & US Tzs

Corporation Information:

Location Minmatar space - Molden Heath & The Great Wildlands Regions

Small Gang warfare

Black Ops

U.S. Timezones

Public Channel -BS- PUBLIC

Kill Board

What you need:
Your application must have your limited API key
A mic is required
You need the ability to fly a stealth bomber or force recon

Now seeking Capital Pilots

Yasei Tsurugi
Posted - 2011.09.05 16:00:00 - [5]

Hi Luc,

I represent Fleetworks, a nullsec corporation in a sov-holding alliance. There may be a place for you here.

Please check out the link below to see if what we have to offer interests you, and if you can meet the requirements for joining us.

Fleetworks Recruitment

Posted - 2011.09.05 17:29:00 - [6]

plenty of pew pew.and need more pilots just like yourself mail me :)

Luc Chastot
Posted - 2011.09.05 20:14:00 - [7]

Bumping to the top.

Honore DeGallente
Posted - 2011.09.06 21:57:00 - [8]

Join VIV Lounge in game and chat with us.

Neo Corricon
Fatal Ascension
Posted - 2011.09.07 00:23:00 - [9]

We are a mature, well organized, proven Corporation with over 4 years experience in 0.0.

Typical activities:

- Defending our area of operations (PVP)
- Exploration, Anoms, 10/10 Plexing (PVE)
- Wormhole exploration
- T2 Manufacturing
- Mining


- Access to space in 0.0 (We are Sov holders, not renters)
- Strong industrial wing can produce all ships and T2 at below market prices for members.
- Sophisticated transportation network for easy in and out of our 0.0.
- Access to Empire lab facilities.
- Excellent shift coverage. One CEO is evenings (US), the other is mornings (EU).


- Full API key.
- Interview with a Director.
- Must be a team player willing to contribute to the good of the Corp.
- Ventrillo, Teamspeak, Mumble, and fluent English are required.
- A strong desire to risk operating in 0.0 and reap the benefits.

Level of Activity (We get this question a lot):

- Like any Corp or Alliance, we have busy and slow times
- (they vary and cannot be given out here for obvious reasons)
- PVP ops are often at the Alliance level, and our Corp has official Alliance FC's.
- PVE ops (plex/wh) are usually at the Corp level and occur just about every day.
- We are one of the larger Corps, so we tend to be more active and lead a lot of PVE ops.

Send an EVEmail or convo to Neo Corricon to arrange an interview or for any questions.

Open Channel: RENNT


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