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Crazy Candy
Posted - 2011.09.04 20:15:00 - [1]

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Are you bored of those annoying war decs?
Are you wanting to fight back?
Are you wanting to learn to PvP?
Are you wondering what those 0.0 sec fights are really like?
Are you wanting to reach your full potential in PvP?
Are you wanting your corporation to stand on its own feet?

PINKED Alliance is open for business, offering training cadres on a broad range of PvP tactics.

Some the cadres include:

Wolf Pack Swarms
Black Ops Fleets
Empire Wars
Small Scale Gang Warfare
Large Fleet Warfare
Worm Hole Security
Null Sec Survival and Combat
Fleet Composition, Pilot Training and Skilling

The alliance is willing to cover all combat areas within EvE:

Low Sec
Null Sec

If you are looking to get PvP training for your corporation then look no further, Pinked Alliance is willing to bring your corporation into the alliance for training, active war decs and all.

If you wanting to learn the ropes as an FC then Pinked is willing to enroll you to receive training.

Background on Pinked Alliance:

Pinked Alliance was set up by a number of Fleet Commanders from a number of null sec alliances. Bored of the grind of null sec these FCs decided to start having fun in eve again going back to the roots that they love simple PvP in EvE. The FCs have expertise experience within PvP within EvE, appearing in most of the major null sec campaigns for the last 3 years, having appearances in multiple Alliance Tournaments, and are looking to pass on their knowledge to anyone willing to learn and try new things.

If you are interested in receiving training then contact Crazy Candy or Starcrash or join PINKED PUBLIC channel

Indecisive Certainty
Posted - 2011.09.04 20:59:00 - [2]

Is free fitness included?Wink

free bump, the best to u guys!

Posted - 2011.09.05 10:44:00 - [3]


Posted - 2011.09.06 22:28:00 - [4]



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