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Posted - 2011.09.04 08:58:00 - [1]

Incursion reloaded:

-Incursion can take place everywhere in the universe
-If an incursion occurs in an HS, if the player don't fight the incursion the security status of the system will decrease by -0.1 every 24H
-HS system can become 0.0
-Every time than a system change HS > LS / LS > 00 a concord fleet is made (with player) to fight the incursion.
-The incursion will be really bigger with npc everywhere and with cap too even in HS
-To fight against the incursion Concord have made 4 capital ships, with the capacity of being in High sec.
-Against the danger everywhere, concord has made an Jump bridge network in empire to make move easier (only usuable if you take part at an incursion battle, and if you have excellent statut with concord, and usuable only with concord edition cap ship)
-If they are outpost in the system the sansha can take the choice to destroy it (so every player need to be involve if they don't wan't to loose asset / market things...)
-The pos in the system with incursion are attacked too with big firepower

The goal of the sansha (and maybe other pirate faction) is to break the high sec! So everyone be ready to fight against the enemie! You're asset is not out of danger, and take care to the road you take from one day to an other It can become low sec, even 00...

something like that I think it will be fun, and more dynamics, empire map will change everytime, players need to be involve in commun goal...

Cedar Locus
Posted - 2011.09.04 19:47:00 - [2]


you think its a game?

Har Harrison
Amarrian Retribution
Posted - 2011.09.05 03:21:00 - [3]

1/10 - You got a reply....

Symbiosis International
Moose Alliance
Posted - 2011.09.05 03:55:00 - [4]

Like other ideas with the subtitle 'Reloaded', this sounds terrible.

Trolls Troll
Posted - 2011.09.05 03:56:00 - [5]

Originally by: Discrodia
Like other ideas with the subtitle 'Reloaded', this sounds terrible.

posting in a hydra thread

Posted - 2011.09.05 05:30:00 - [6]

I think the OP is .. Mittani is that you ?
Sure sounds like you.

Beasts of Burden
Posted - 2011.09.05 07:48:00 - [7]

Edited by: RUSROG on 05/09/2011 07:47:58
Yeh, no.

If there is some remote hisec system and no one can be bothered to mobilize, anybody who has logged for a while say a week or so for skills is dead.

Not everyone is such a hardcore gamer like you!! Cool

Edit1: Sarcasm is present

Vice Admiral Spreadsheet
Posted - 2011.09.05 07:55:00 - [8]

It's a terrible idea, but would be fun for a day.
Unfortunately, this idea can only work if it's in effect long enough to have a lasting impact.


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