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Hiigara Soban
Posted - 2011.09.04 04:37:00 - [1]

The Kiith of Spirit

Kiith Soban is a history-rich corporation led by players who have followed EVE since the game's inception. We are currently in the process of re-creating our organization to facilitate the introduction of a new business model. Namely, we are implementing a unique method of corporate operations which we hope will add both an entertaining and rare additional element of play to the game.

Sticking to the skillpoint and leveling theme of EVE, our corporation offers players two new "leveling" aspects to gameplay: Jobs & Salaries, and Rankings & Rewards. Team players will have the opportunity to fulfill certain industry-focused work orders for the corporation, for which they will receive payment as well as points toward rank advancement upon completion. As members complete more jobs and thereby advance in rank, they will gain access to a number of rewards and benefits which increase in value with each rank.

Member ranks are strictly determined by a tangible measurement of the amount of collected material offered for the corporation, and therefore serve as a truly accurate reflection of a member's dedication toward helping the team to succeed.

Kiith Soban is currently seeking industrial pilots:

Miners: We are currently seeking high sec miners. Whether you are in a Bantam or a Hulk, we would love to have you on board.

Mission Runners: We have job opportunities available for lvl 1 - lvl 4 mission runners and salvagers, with a 0.0% corp tax.

We offer you:

  • Friendly Atmosphere: We always aim to recruit mature players who aim to enjoy the game by participating in a good team that is supportive of each other.

  • Jobs & Salaries: As one of the unique aspects of Kiith Soban, we offer a list of mineral, loot, and salvage collection work orders, which upon completion generate ISK and eventual rank advancements that provide numerous rewards.

  • Realistic Ranking System: A ranking and advancement system which accurately reflects and measures the amount of effort you put into helping the corporation to succeed.

  • Dividend Program: One of the many rewards available to those who move up in the ranks is access to our share purchasing and monthly dividends program, which allows members to receive a cut in our production profits.

  • New Member Aid (NMA): We are a new-player-friendly corporation that offers mentor and financial aid programs for members less than 3 months into the game, or who otherwise demonstrate the need for such aid.

  • Regular Frigate Tournaments: Just for a little bit of extra fun, we are about to begin scheduling 3 frigate tournaments a month.

We ask of you:

  • To be a Team Player: We are a team-based community focused on the corporation's success, so that it can ensure individual financial security.

  • To be Active: Real life is always more important than a game, but members who take extended absences may be removed from the roster.

  • To be Respectful: Many of us are busy people who get on a few hours a night to relax. If you're an ass who can't engage in friendly interaction with others, we probably aren't a good choice for you.

  • No SP Minimum: We are eager to help new players enjoy the difficult early days of EVE.

  • Trial Account Restrictions: We welcome members on trial accounts to fly with us to get a feel for what we are about, however membership will not be granted without a commitment to a paid subscription.

As a young corporation, we have plenty of room for members to come in and potentially work their way up to leadership positions. Consider joining us today to play a crucial developmental role in our special team.

For more detailed information, please see our website or stop by our public channel:

Website -
Channel - Kiith Soban


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