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Posted - 2011.09.04 01:55:00 - [1]

LinkageThe Jagged Alliance

The Jagged Alliance has been training pvpers and been memebrs of eve world for sometime.
With a good coordination and relationship with our blues we been out there helping other alliance and killing those who opose us. We are all time NBSI alliance and that is one way to live in 0.0 hence proven
we are still alive.
We do PvP Roaming everyday. We Rat do Plexes to earn Isk. We are also involved
in mining and industry to provide supply to our members and capture the market. We train
corps that like to PvP. The alliance is looking for corps that are interested in growing with a goal.

These are Few Things our alliance can provide...
- Good BrotherHood in Alliance, Good Coalition.
- Members from Usa, Canada, Eu, Australia (members online 24/7) no one will feel alone.
- Easy Recruitment when you're in a 0.0 Sov Holding Alliance
- Major Allainces are blue to us.
- Sov in Wicked Creek with station to dock at and Access to over 50 stations.
- Ratting in asteroid and Anomalies is very profitable,(easily make 80 mil in less than an hour)
- I-Hub lets us scan for Anomiles / WH / Plexes and gives us more factional loots.
- PvP Ops, Roaming large scale or Wolf Pack (also do pvp training for those who can't)
- We train new players to survive in 0.0 space and PvP and earn isk they never though Possible.
- Daily OPS / Limited ship replacement Policy for CTA
- Cap Fleet / Cap Hot Drop / Black Ops / SB Ops
- Logistic Pilots are paid to fly for approved PvP ops or CTA
- Well Organized and coordinated fleet / Experiance Fc's
- Jump Freighter Service / Alliance Market for members much cheap
- Alliance Website / Forum / Kill board .
- Mumble (coms)

Contact PathetiQ for more Interview

So What we are basically looking for is Corporations that are willing to grow with us. Corporations that grows and has numbers we will reward that corp with there own systems.
The Jagged Alliance likes to share its wealth with you. Are you willing to Expand and be strong ? If So Why wait Contact us...

Contact Info :

Ingame : Public chat " The Jagged Alliance "
Send a evemail to " PathetiQ "

Email :


This thread is older than 90 days and has been locked due to inactivity.


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