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James Razor
Fallen Angel's
White Noise.
Posted - 2011.09.06 21:14:00 - [241]

Originally by: Ephemeron
Just curious, how much would it cost to take over CCP and get rid of the upper management?

Aha... i start to realize how u where able to fly all those extremly expensive ships...

But i think the problem is that they will simply not let you buy the company.

Azelor Delaria
We Are So Troubled Everyone Runs Screaming
Posted - 2011.09.07 01:16:00 - [242]

Originally by: Simetraz
Edited by: Simetraz on 03/09/2011 18:41:29
No it is a matter of CSM crossing a line.

When posts like the one linked gets out CCP has every right to close down the CSM.

CSM should have done the reverse.
CSM should have called it quits and closed it down themselves under the premise of no communication with the developer.

Yes it is a matter of semantics but Goonies has lawyers and they should have consulted with them first, CSM made a mistake here and it was a big one.

I fail to see a line that has been crossed.

Let's say CCP releases the unredacted minutes, to include anything covered by the NDA. People look at it, go "Wow, they got some transparency going now!" and the players are happy. People start to feel confident that their gripes are being heard, and that CCP will at least entertain the notions put forth. No BS, no strings, just saying, "This is what we discussed, no=holds-barred, to crap, these are the official minutes." CSM comes out and says, "Yep, that is exactly what we talked about. CSM endorses 100%." You now have the players believing that CCP cares.

However, CCP is trying to turn the CSM into their puppets. The Mittani, for all his shortcomings, has said, "I refuse to be played like this." It's a legitimate grievance. If you want me to be a spokesperson and go along with you, you pay me. Since you're not, I'm not allowing you to use me or my likeness to bolster your sales. You can claim ownership of any and all characters the player has. But you can't copyright and own the actual person. By putting words in the CSMs' mouths, CCP is attempting to sabotage their own initiatives.

As The Mittani said, the developers, for the majority of it, are supporting CSM and the players. Hilmar is the problem. The suits in charge are the problem. If this is the proverbial straw that breaks the camel's back and CCP decides to shut down the CSM once and for all, they are admitting defeat.

And once the CSM is disbanded officially, how many subscriptions do you think will go with them?

Miscells McGhee
Posted - 2011.09.07 05:06:00 - [243]

The danger to responding to an obvious troll (especially an intelligent, obvious troll) is that the kneejerk reaction is almost always his intended goal. Take a step back and look at the meta-point behind the post: by generating smoke, he's getting a lot of people crying fire. Which is exactly the point when his stated goal is to get media attention on this issue. By tweaking the noses of the angry bitter goon-hating vets with .... gasp, facts ... what Mittens has done is force you into an uncomfortable position, of having to respond intelligently and coherently, of building buzz about the topic, even if for the eventual goal of calling bullcrap on him in the most publicly visible arenas: those of the non-Eve forums.

And so the sun has set on the Summer of Rage. Long last the Emo Autumn, where everyone gets all insightfully moody and accidentally interesting, like the girl with the blue hair that works at Starbucks and talks about bands with cool names you wish you'd thought of. This kind of meta-introspection gets the attention of the mainstream media expecting rage and finding instead nuggets of hate-fueled wisdom.

You've all fallen for his plan, and now there's no way out but forward, through the forest, over the desert and into a bitter green veldt. Concede the defeat that gets you exactly where you wanted to go anyway, even if it took 40 years of bickering over who leads the camels. And if it gets under your skin enough to declare war on him ingame, well now you're eternally damned for falling for the same trick twice (in one post, none the less)

Stormhammer Investments
Posted - 2011.09.07 05:44:00 - [244]

Mittani and chums should really look at the map some time and see where the majority of pilots are on any given day. Here's a hint: it isn't nullsec.

Basileus Volkan
Posted - 2011.09.08 07:13:00 - [245]

This entire thread reads like a "Jews did 9/11" conspiracy.

Done by 8 year olds who learned the terms "democracy" and "percent" recently.

lilililililililililili lilili
Posted - 2011.09.08 17:12:00 - [246]

Edited by: lilililililililililili lilili on 08/09/2011 17:12:16
Originally by: Stormhammer Investments
Mittani and chums should really look at the map some time and see where the majority of pilots are on any given day. Here's a hint: it isn't nullsec.

Yes it's null and lowsec combined actually.

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