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Posted - 2011.09.02 23:34:00 - [1]

Edited by: Zemity02 on 03/09/2011 07:35:04
Thundercats - Recruitment open by interview only.


Lordkeeps (Ceo)


Constantina (EU)
Frolicking Fairy (US)
Gunny135 (EU)
Draco Llasa (US)
Zemity02 (Eu)
Jay Jobin (Us)


ArrowCorp Information

We are a mature corp between 25-55yrs of age. The corp is built around loyalty, friendship and most importantly PvP(fun). Most in Hoo have been playing since the beginning of eve and hence we offer experience and opportunities for new and old alike. Tc Have pretty much done everything in eve from smale scale gang warfare in frigs up to Titan/Sc fleets. We are currently based in the region of the Forge.

Our corp is already well established, however we are looking to increase the amount of roams/pvp. To achieve this we are looking for active team players. We are not after people who only play a few hours a week as we are trying to develop our current team.

TC is very active and a vibrant group of personalities and drunken banter runs pretty much 24/7. If you want to feel apart of a corp and not just another pod come and have a chat or pls ask any questions you wish or even our ts details if you want a chat in person.

ArrowWhat we offer:-

Highly experienced pilots & FCs(many)
A relaxed enviroment
Training Roams
FC Training
A Mature attitude
Access to all the pvp you could wish for
Very few Blues
Capital support of all levels
Private Teamspeak 3 comms
Killboard & Forums
A chance to make new friends
Most importantly a chance to have fun and experience new things
0.0 oppertunities

ArrowWhat we are looking for in you:-

Minimum 20 Million skill points
You must be active (killboard)
Willingness to go to combat
Self sufficient (we will help you along the way)
Vocal and willing to use voice coms
Sense of humour and over 18
becoming a team player unselfish acts will go along way with us

ArrowWhat we are NOT looking for:-

Immature or selfish.
Trial accounts
Solo/care bears
Purchased accounts

Pretty much anything else fly's with us.

Just to clarify we currently have 175 active members. We are still with in the top 150 corps on the eve killboard. We have aims/goals and the corp is well structured/run. Here is a few of our stats. Killboard[/url]

Battle clinic Stats

Please join our public channel for a interview. Be prepared to provide api details.

ArrowOur public channel: Con

Thanks for reading. Snarf -Snarf

Posted - 2011.09.03 07:36:00 - [2]

Yellow Box, Red Box locked!! bumped to the top.

Posted - 2011.09.03 21:22:00 - [3]


Perfect time to join and hf Wink

Posted - 2011.09.04 15:10:00 - [4]

To the top plz :)

Posted - 2011.09.04 17:23:00 - [5]

Twisted EvilBumpTwisted Evil

Draco Llasa
Posted - 2011.09.05 02:41:00 - [6]


Jay Jobin
Posted - 2011.09.05 22:57:00 - [7]

So there I was right, she was naked and I was in my snow shoes and had my golf club............. **** wrong forum my bad.

Bump lol

Jay Jobin
Posted - 2011.09.07 05:43:00 - [8]

I'm with stupidArrow


Posted - 2011.09.08 01:57:00 - [9]



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