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Binary Star
Posted - 2011.09.03 00:08:00 - [31]

I want to be able to paint my face white, have a long black dress/gown like pin-head off hell-raiser. I'd settle with not having the pins as that might be asking too muchVery Happy

Mr Kidd
Posted - 2011.09.03 14:48:00 - [32]

Originally by: Ranger 1

It's only ISK, my friend.

PS: If you are spending real money for these items, you're doing it wrong.

That was the point of my post.

There's a problem with the corporate mentality towards MT. There's a very real threat that the "grind" is engineered to ensure that fun is limited to those who can afford to pull out the CC every time they want to stop grinding. Eve isn't there yet. But, the fear is that it's just over the horizon out of site.

J Kunjeh
Posted - 2011.09.03 15:50:00 - [33]

Originally by: Barbelo Valentinian

It's now Gay Bikers In Space who shop at GAP.

Hilarious! Laughing And too true. Confirming that indeed I shop at Space Gap.

Posted - 2011.09.03 16:03:00 - [34]

Well first we have to start with some colors. To drive the market you need seasonal color changes and shades that vary with the mood. Right now its too dark.

Project a little bit. THis stuff in a year or two will be vintage. That crap monacle will be a symbol and once its off the market it will be damn scarce. Sometimes I wish for my old avatars for sure. I wonder why and they remind me of a better time. They also would project to people I been around before Incarna. WHat will a monacle project?

Like it or not, power does not always come from the barrel of a gun. As CEO's FC's or traders, people also weigh our outward appearance. We will learn to look for clues like in real life. I really want clothes that match my in game activities. If I want to organize a new mining squad, I don't want to be wearing a pirate hat and if I want to run a fleet down a pipe, I sure don't want them to see me in my miner garb.

Perhaps that seems strange but the public mingling going on in incursions is starting to look like a different game and people are looking for clues to competence as the competition ramps up. If we stick around, this game should be breaking through some social barriers soon enough and nex stuff might just turn into a social edge.

Posted - 2011.09.03 16:23:00 - [35]

Originally by: Mr Kidd
The NeX is like a country fair. See, there are dumba**es who will spend $20 on a rigged game so that they can get a $0.50 item as a trophy. It's the same people who buy things in the NeX.

So, design is not as important as say taking a dump on a desk and then offering it up as something exclusive. One of you idiots will buy it so you can think of yourselves as special. But, to the rest of us who are noone's fool 'special' very much resembles the 'special' in "special education".

not really sure how someone spending some loose change on something pointless really demands the assuming they are mentally deficient.

Really i would put the mentally deficient label on the person(s) who get all up in arms over what other people do with thier earnings. Are you really that nuts, or are you just jealous that people have so much throwaway cash?

FYI i havent and likely wont ever buy anything off the nex store. Instead my throwaway cash gets blown on the odd hungry jacks here and there, or like last weekend i bought 1 month of xbox live. To each his own yes?

PS a persons real life money doesnt even relate to nex really, plex can be bought with isk anyway so its not like people are giving up eating for a week to buy space jeans

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