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salty alt
Posted - 2011.09.02 08:54:00 - [1]

quick question,

Using a Mach for Lvl4 missions with standard 4 gyro 3 tracking enhancer lows.

Then have one mid slot free for utility. ATM using a tracking computer (with tracking speed script) but wondering if I should swap this out for say a Domi 15km web?

I either am fighting Angels which come in close or in proper Mach fashion I charge NPCs and shoot them < 20kms whilst using a burst burst tank... just wondering if I'd be better off with the web?

Vanishing Point.
The Initiative.
Posted - 2011.09.02 10:05:00 - [2]

On the front page, even. Rolling Eyes

salty alt
Posted - 2011.09.02 10:49:00 - [3]

Edited by: salty alt on 02/09/2011 10:56:30
I did do some reading through the forums first to see if anything was discussed about tracking comp vs web (with that Mach fit) but nothing was immediately obvious.

linked thread has nothing as to the merits of either a web vs tracking comp and is instead a mish mash of overtanked fits (damage control?!?) and alts slagging alts off.

my question still stands if anybody cares to chime in.

Arabelli Tanis
Posted - 2011.09.02 13:09:00 - [4]

What do the rest of your mid-slots look like? In L4s, my Machariel usually runs an XL Shield Booster, Boost Amplifier, 2 Hardeners and an Afterburner.

Personally, if I had to choose between a tracking computer or a web, I'd go with the tracking computer. Between that and your drones, frigs shouldn't be much of an issue.

I imagine that with your setup, you are affected by frigs more than me, thus you need to kill them faster (and you DO kill them faster). I probably kill them slower, but have more tank so they don't affect me as badly. It's really 6 of one, half dozen of another. Both work great, just comes down to playstyle.

But I'm rambling - keep the tracking computer. Very Happy

salty alt
Posted - 2011.09.02 13:52:00 - [5]

Edited by: salty alt on 02/09/2011 14:02:44
Mids are MWD, XL Booster and 2 hardeners. Deadspace is your friend there.

For me this seems to be plenty of tank as not trying to perma run at all... just blitz for which at most 2 mins tank is needed and then you get chance to recharge etc as the incoming DPS is dead.

I did some testing and found that I can track Angel HACs down to about 8km depending on the direction I and they are flying, if they are orbiting close in they take ages to die. Incoming frigs one shot pop until about 15km and then they only die if you directly MWD away from them. Perhaps that is answer. I have drones but I rarely deploy them, only for an oshiz moment where I'm webbed + scrammed by multiple frigs.

I suppose the question is, is the bonus of a web for sub < 15km targets as good as the overall effects of 30% more tracking at all ranges? Quite often as I am approaching spawns I'll be firing at them at the peak of falloff at 70km etc.

Will do some more testing though I don't know how scientific my results will be... just a 'feeling'.

Cipher Jones
Posted - 2011.09.02 16:14:00 - [6]

It should vary depending on the mission. For example, for Unauthorized military presence, us an f-90 with range script.

Then you can start pulling the 2 far away groups while you kill the close 1.

For "the assault" serpentis I use 2 of them as only 1XLSB and 2 hardeners are needed in the tank slot, and no need for AB.

Sometimes a TP is good for missions with a lot of small stuff that you actually have to take the drones out. You could easily fit a TP/web combo for those missions as none of them require an AB/MWD.

Sometimes for Sansha's its good to have 5 tank slots to kill the mission faster by drawing all agro. I got an 18.5 mil bounty tick on "9/10ths of a wormhole" @800 dps with that setup before.

I notice no difference in mission completion time whatsoever with the extra tracking computer, so i dumped it.


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