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Posted - 2011.09.02 03:21:00 - [1]

before we get flame, hear me out
Currently the issue with hybrids (mostly blasters) is range and tracking issues. Gallente boats for the most part, are armor tanked, meaning in pvp they are slow and turn slower because of armor plates. therefore switching the stats of hybrids and projectiles will basically make gallente ships more usable.

this is NOT a nerf to minmitar.
Minmitar ships are faster and many times shield tanked, so blasters can get into range, and the ship will be maneuverable enough to stay with the enemy. On top of this, many minmitar ships have a web bonus as webs and target painters are the EW of minmitar..
minmitar will still be the close range fast ships as before, but with blasters can potentially do even more damage, at the same time making gallente ships more useful, they will still be slower, but have more range.

the tl;dr
change the stats of hybrid and projectile weapons
minmitar will still be amazing close range fast ships, just now with closer range blasters
gallente will get the stats of auto cannons which have more range and better tracking, but since armor tanked ships are slower its ok.

inb4 rage/trolling

Posted - 2011.09.02 04:21:00 - [2]

as your logic makes sense it would unbalance the caldari/amarr symbiosis.

Nezumiiro Noneko
Posted - 2011.09.02 05:03:00 - [3]

Originally by: Jaitee
as your logic makes sense it would unbalance the caldari/amarr symbiosis.

it unbalance that too....caldari would get the projectiles too. They too are slow and beavy. Gallente gets this by this logic, so should caldari. We are linked by the same weapons system....its like having 2 kids. Buy 1 kid a toy, to save headaches, other one gets one 2.

Hybrids need work yes....swapping not the answer. Hell minny already has ammo with problems the op mentioned...hail, quake, tremor. thier max dps ammo is a mfpita to use. Conveniently forget them it seems.

To be his logic, a weapons swap best suited to fix gallente be lasers. He said tracking...laser gots it. range, laser has it over hybrids. OP just doesn't want cap based guns I am thinking.

Well that I see where this is going. he wants a domimael. All the beauty of drones dps...and the kickassery gun slinging of maelstrom. Can do that now...he jsut wants the bonuses for it lol.

To prove me wrong...would you if it came to giving up something to get this give up your gallente drone bonus? Why your hydrids suck tbh....kick ass guns and drone bonuses...would be op in both pve and pvp.

Posted - 2011.09.03 02:30:00 - [4]

caldari ships already get range bonus's and most are slow anyways, many caldari ships use missiles primarily as well.

this forum is about discussion, i'm not saying my idea is perfect, but something to think on.


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