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Mirra Dollares
Posted - 2011.09.02 01:56:00 - [1]

First a disclaimer-er: This is more of a feeling I got when I was at PAX. My husband loves EVE and everything it embodies. I never play, but I too also love
EVE (more so now that I've got to chat in depth with various players, at the totally awesome and striperless EVE party. -I'm about as straight as a girl gets, I don't want to see any of that going on).

But the one thing that Really bothered me was how apologetic some of the presentations were: like "EVE isn't difficult, EVE isn't just a game for advanced gamers"

**** Yes EVE is difficult, **** yes dedication pays off in EVE. You don't like it? Play World of Warcraft. You don't like that the game changes? See previous answer. Personally, I have a PILE of emotional issues that keeps me from PVPing in any sort of persistent world (1st person shooters and board games are the only places I compete). I can't take the heat? FANTASTIC... I have LOTRO or Minesweeper.

So... DON'T APPOLOGIZE FOR EVE. It is an amazing -A-M-A-Z-I-N-G game based on an AMAZING Philosophy that Produced an AMAZING Procedure for (eventually) Making the best game in the universe, that has already brought together a fantastic (if not slightly whiny) community. So when you are in your EVE booth, Presenting (like you do) focus on the chance for change, the ability for people to affect the world, and the vision of what game the game developers want it to be. Game devs don't agree? FANTASTIC. Have a debate, let the audience ask questions and suggest things during the debate.

Also, I don't understand why you feel the need to apologize for the complexity of your game. Do you want dedicated players or not? Did you make all this complexity and really expect a bunch of casual gamers to say that they have time for it? Because they won't. AND THAT'S OK because....

The EVE tournaments are my favorite part. I love that it takes a serious amount of skill and dedication to compete (and win) the tournament, and I am really excited that so many people are willing to do this (so I don't have to) for my entertainment. Which when you think about it... it's a lot like football. Football makes a lot of money. I want to see EVE make a lot of money so they can implement all my more expensive ideas. Implant the idea of Football for nerds in your collective heads and... GO! (EVE should be capitalizing on its universe more than it is but not so much as to be too annoying.)

Lastly, don't get caught up in the fact that you receive a lot of complaints (that's all I heard from everyone the entire time I was stalking -and not talking to- the game devs at PAX).Just give them better ways to give feedback (you've already implemented some things that work but I think a little more creativity might be needed to really solve the issue. These are going to be the worst suggestions I've ever had (please forgive me), but I'm a usability designer/psychologist at heart so I have to try.
- Have A/B testing on your test servers. I'm not expecting you to put a ton of work into an Incarna level of programming and then AB test Incarna/No Incarna, but for things like Balance issues (that everyone talks about) maybe being able to change a hull value and letting people comment on it might be really valuable.

- Also. (This really will be my worst suggestion - I love it)A tabletop RPG game: (Being crazy is a good time, you should try it). My reasoning is this. IF (big IF) you are able to mimic the dynamics of eve in a game like D&D, then people MIGHT be able to find their own balance/game play options and share them back with CCP. (Hey even bad ideas can inspire genius ideas in smarter people...right?)

Otherwise, seriously, just make another game (parallel to EVE)...preferably one with trees...and cute fuzzy animals. I'd totally play that. But it's OK if you don't. I have That warcraft thing if I get desperate.

The Okamik
Elitist Jerks
Posted - 2011.09.02 12:31:00 - [2]

That is one of the few posts ive read that hasnt simply *****ed about something in a whiney fashion so kudo's to you! Love alot of the points you brought up as well, especially the part about an EVE table top RPG. Since they own the rights to White Wolf, why not put on into production? will bring some more players into the game for starters, and would make for a fantastic universe to play in with the benefit of brining in more money for CCP to use to improve our game

GDC Holding
Posted - 2011.09.02 13:29:00 - [3]

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