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Finn McCaan
Posted - 2011.09.01 20:51:00 - [1]

So grouping launchers is fine and it (apparently) helps to keep lag down.
This is good, but it might be nice if missle vollies looked a bit more... well impressive.
It shouldnt be too hard to display the constituants of a group should it?

As they (by grouping functionality) have to be identical then it should be fairly trivial to have instanced copies of that graphical entity - there should be a method to do this in one draw call to the gpu?

Simply haveing a central body with its group members at preset offsets from it - on launch this offset is blended to 0, blends to 100% after a few seconds, and then blends back toward 0 as it aproches the target.

This could be used further to help visually comunicate missle types by havign different patterns dependant on group type. Rockets could be a messy stream, light missles could 'jink', assault missles could swarm/swirl and so on.
As this is a fluff graphical effect (client side) it shouldn't have an impact on server related lag?

Nika Dekaia
Posted - 2011.09.01 21:50:00 - [2]

CCP will completely revamp missiles soon™. Until then they will pretty much not improve the current system in graphics or any other way.

Different missiles animations(someone suggested Macross Missile Massacre in another thread) would be awesome, but will most likely not happen.

Originally by: CCP Atropos
I'm not involved with the project, but I remember a fellow dev posting a link (or maybe it was at Fanfest, I forget) detailing the hows and whys of this.

Currently all ships that can fit a turret require nothing more than the turret being reskined (although that in itself is no mean feat!) however for missile bays to be shown requires more significant rework.

For one, it requires the game engine to handle missiles differently with their trajectory being sourced from their respective launchers. This means touching the physics simulation a not inconsiderate undertaking in itself.
Secondly every ship with a missile launcher spot must be revisited and edited to remove 'fake' missile bays, such as the Drake, Crow and many other Caldari ships have. This means extensive remodelling time. All the other missile capable ships must be modified to have sensible placement areas for missile lanuchers either added (again more editing of models and textures) or designated.
We must then decide how they will work: for example, do they rotate to point to their targat in the same way turrets do, or do they fire a missile forward with respect to the orientation of the ship, which then curves around on a new vector, etc.
Once you've decided how the simulation will work, and reworked all the ships you then have to start work on the models for the launchers themselves. This is made more complicated by determining how "large" missile bays, such as siege launchers work on smaller ship models, such as the stealth bombers.

All in all, you might feel left out, as a missile user, with the new turret effects, but you're incorrect in assuming that the work required to implement new turret models is equal to the work I've listed above.

So sit back, enjoy the new turrets (when they're shooting you I guess) and be patient.

Nezumiiro Noneko
Posted - 2011.09.02 02:48:00 - [3]

you will have to wait till ccp is done taking away hangars, replacing with CQ that smokes systems the play FPS's well so poeple turn it off to see a door. Phase 2 is the station experience. Hoping we'll get different color doors if we turn that off too.


This thread is older than 90 days and has been locked due to inactivity.


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