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Posted - 2011.09.01 09:02:00 - [1]

We are a growing Industrial rooted Corporation with solid leadership and clear mission. We strongly believe how important it is to have a solid infrastructure of industry in the harsh universe of Eve. We are not run by some loose cannons but by some servant heart Leaders who are ready to serve any way possible.
We are also member corporation of Zero Hour Alliance.


1.Above all we provide safe haven for serious miners to make honest living under protected and controlled environment. All member has access to POS and null sec activity.

2.Help new member throughout moving process to new system. Also provide Covert transport ship to ensure their safe arrival and their belongings.

3.Help and support brand new player to choose a career plan that intrigues them and prepare short term or long term skill plan. We will help you every steps of your planning so there is no wastage of skill time.

4.Provide corporate paid "Retriever" for new player when they are qualified.

5.Regular Mining Operations in High and Low sec system.

6.Research slots for interested manufacturing members.

7.Guaranteed kill for PvP members to destroy and kill pirates in low sec system.(Zero Hour Alliance is an anti-pirate alliance)

8.Dedicated hauler during Mining OPs.

9.Availability of Orca and Mining Director during Mining OPs to provide High yield boost for miners.

10.Regular transportation service for miners to sell their minerals.(very minimal charge may apply)

11.Option to buy ships/ammo from Corporation's own manufacture at lower cost than the market.

12.Option to sell minerals to Corporation/Alliance to save the hassle of hauling.

13.Corporation paid unfitted Covert Exploration Ships for interested explorer to find Worm Holes.

14.Full training for all pilots.

15.We know and acknowledge we all have real world life with children. Our chat rooms and Team Speak are 100% family-friendly.

16.We provide solid fun time for all members. After all, this is a game. :)

We are not looking for just any pilots. We are only looking for the right ones. If you can answer "YES" for most of the questions below, then we have a great place for you:

1.Are you a Team Player, goal oriented?

2.Can you personally grow and help the corporation grow with you by integrating yourself with Corporation's missions as a group?

3.Are willing to help your Corporation member when they need?

4.Are you willing to learn?

5.Have you been searching for a corporation ran in professional manner with define mission and hierarchy not by loose cannons?

6.Can you respect and honor your fellow members that they deserves?

7.Do you have courage to speak your mind and let your opinion/idea be heard?

8.Do you like to explore and boldly go where no man has gone before?

1. Increase number of corporation miners.
2. Add PvP players to the corporation's gun support fleet.
3. Collect/research/invent Blue Print to be self dependent.
4. Mine, mine and mine some more!
5. Move to 0.0 system for permanent living.

Name: Symmcom Center of Expedition and Mining
Base system: BEI VII Moon 3 - Freedom Extension Retail Center
Alliance: Zero Hour
Primary profession: Mining, Manufacturing

First time mining barge provided: Retriever
First time explorer ship provided: Buzzard

Transportation provided through low sec: Covert Transport Ship (Crane)

Mining OPs in High Sec: Twice a week.
Mining OPs in Low Sec: Once a month.
Mining OPs for Ice : Once a month.

Symmcom : CEO, Trainer, Skill Planner
Makers101 : Director, Manufacturing Director
Ziporama : Mining Director, Research Director
Majikat : Relationship Director, Recruitment

If you believe you are the right candidate for the job, we will love to have you. Just apply or convo us in game. See you in spac


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