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Posted - 2011.09.02 10:15:00 - [121]

Here's my two cents. I've been reading the forums every day at work playing the game few hours everyday back at home.

I don't play other mmos, i don't play video games to be even more specific. I do however hold a strong fascination for everything Science Fiction and i dream of real spaceships flying through cosmos one day. This is what got me into EVE, the spaceship simulation in a free world, player controlled universe and economy. I probably won't live long enough to see my real dream come true, eve however is as close as it gets to this.

So i've been here for past two years, with ups and downs both eve and real life related; I logged in from 10 hours a day to 10 hours a month as much as I could. I lived in high, low and nullsec and tried to experience as much as each has to offer. I loved every second of it, either the painfull grinding of missions, the boring 12 hours alliance CTAs, the frustration of loosing my stuff to pirates, the joy of killing a faction spawn, the laughs with friends in frigate swarms. It all made some sense, time passed my number of skillpoints grew along with my virtual wallet and my ship hangar. As much as I denied it, I came to admit it once Incarna expansion launched: it’s broken.

The world of eve, the way I see it has two sides. For players it’s a source of fun, for the producers it’s a source of money. Each side destroys EVE in its own way, following their own purpose.

CCP cares for their business, you can’t blame them. If it were your business you would all do the same. First the game has to be profitable, whatever that translates into, being it monocles, walking in stations, platform for other games, you name it. If it brings more money than you invest and makes the player base grow it will be introduced, no matter the in-game consequences. Face it, there are tons of MMOS out there, but there is none that even comes close to EVE no matter. If it were different there would be no whining but silence in the forums. Doing this they brake the game for some and more enjoyable for others, but the “money” factor is the calling the shots, not player’s voices.

So it comes down to either “keep whining the game is broken and hope someone will fix it” or “make the best of what it has to offer and move on”. I move on and try to make the best of it, so I hit the other stone wall: the players.

Like real world and their CCP overlords most are no different. The money talks, in this case the ISK. The eve universe like it or not revolves around it, and for many fattening their wallet is the only satisfaction a spaceship game brings. Think of all the nullsec alliances struggling for space, all the mission grinders, all the afk bot miners all that displeases you in a way or another, it’s all for the ISK. Either for shiny ships that never get to undock, RMT, e-peen most of eve plays the game to acquire this virtual currency. Some have enough of it to last for the rest of their eve lifetime, some can barely plex their accounts each month, all want it and grind it and make it their eve experience. No one explores, mines, mission runs etc because it’s fun! We do it because it pays! What do most of the people spend the isk on? Simple, ways of making even more ISK!

What happened to “ omg I got a new ship, I am gonna go fight someone with it ” ? Well, that’s dead. Now it’s more like “I’ll take something cheap cause I will probably loose it”.
So what if you loose it, wasn’t all that grinding supposed to bring you at this point ? Apparently not, money is for keeping. Once we have enough we get bored of the game and rage on the forums. Greed is not good.

There’s plenty to be done to improve the game for everyone, but it will never happen cause it will hurt the wallets more than it will please the soul. On both sides.

Gabrielle Darque
State War Academy
Posted - 2011.09.02 14:04:00 - [122]

Interesting perspective and well said.

CCP Fallout

Posted - 2011.09.02 14:05:00 - [123]

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Posted - 2011.09.02 14:21:00 - [124]

Look at the current much needed supercap nerf. Why is it much needed in the first place?

Titans are expensive, i totally agree on that. Titans however are not overpowered.
There is a strong misconception such a fleet is unbeatable. The truth is it is not profitable to beat it. Here's a case:

Old NC block had a fleet of about 20 Titans when the DRF invaded, maybe less maybe more. DRF had probably twice the number. Afraid of loosing their precious fleet and as such their valuable ISK they bailed. No one actually lost anything except for space that can be retaken and time. This was BORING. This is what destroyed the game. Said fleet could have lost against overwhelming odds but they did not even try. The result is what you see: each side kept building more supers, breaking the game even more. I know for a fact all those titans could have been easily reimburced from the funds, but why would anyone loose their precious isk? "There is no glory about being broke" is what they probably thought. Well being broke is no glory, but each and every such action makes the game dull. Presume NC fleet would have engaged at the risk of loosing it all. Maybe they would have repelled the attack, maybe they would have died a glorious death or maybe they would have lost it all. No one can know, but i am sure such an act would have inspired the people of eve.

So yes, come to the forums, complain the game is broken by CCP. Yes they are guilty for many things, but not this. This is the player's own creation and should be up to the players to change it.

P.S. This post does not want to be NC vs DRF post, it is more likely an example of decisions that imo could have changed the faith of EVE. Though, i am sorry if i am not reproducing facts as they were.

Spiritus Draconis
Posted - 2011.09.03 09:36:00 - [125]

Game sucks because we're nerds with unrealistic expectations.

Community sucks because we're nerds with unrealistic expectations.

The Unwanted.
Posted - 2011.09.03 16:13:00 - [126]

Originally by: Mr LaboratoryRat
the person that makes the most accurate post why the game sucks and why the community got broken and its effects on ingame player communication and corporation/alliance interaction wins.

I'm not sure the game sucks, but I think I get what you're saying here.

If it does truly suck, it's because CCP committed to two content patches a year when they should have done this once every 18 months - with extensive testing in between and lowered the monthly cost to $10. The inconsistent and unbalanced nature of the patches have had a very high contributing factor to any suckyness - and do nothing more than create widow-making migraines for anyone who works at CCP. A rough guess would be 1 day of time spent creating content appears to have 1 month's work to fix...yet they still keep piling the content on every 6 months.

The community got broken by an unnatural evolution of the game content. In other words, if the game broke, then peoples Virtual Lives were affected and they raged?

The ingame player communication got better, but a little too good - so that too many people figured this game out too well and therefore you could not trump someone as you were playing with the same cards in the same sequence. Ergo, the only way to win is to have greater numbers - but if the other side have the same numbers and the same configurations, players began to wonder what they were fighting for.

If you have reached 'end-game' content, and the only reason to play is to lead an alliance or fight for resources you do not need, then why risk billions of isk in the first place?

Overall - the fun has been taken out of the game, and the players have been telling CCP this for years, in a manner of speaking.

I would say that in my humble opinion, I am absolutely astounded that a company who have the ability to create one of the most interesting Intellectual Properties with such depth, has managed to make so many obvious mistakes.

And their marketing/PR department needs to be fully outsourced.

Situation: Normal
Posted - 2011.09.03 16:28:00 - [127]

Mechanics-wise, I'd have to say that the problem started when the devs started introducing measures that limited the ability for one person to fight effectively on their own. After such things as the hit-point increase and web nerf, players were forced to rely on gangmates to fill necessary roles in combat/provide additional support. This encouraged blobbing, as did the introduction of POS as a sovereignty mechanic. I won't even get into what I think of the capital/supercapital blob...

In regards to the community, TBH I'd have to say that things started going downhill when the Goons showed up. Prior to that, discussion was a lot more meaningful on the forums and not so much about getting nothing more than cheap laugh at someone else's expense. I'd also have to say that this carried over in-game, with Goon-like tactics becoming more and more prevalent (things such as killing someone after they paid the ransom, which is why ransoming is largely dead). I wouldn't place all of the blame on the Goons, but they're a good part of it, at least as far as I've noticed. -shrug- It is what is is.

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