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Jiska Ensa
Posted - 2011.09.01 02:17:00 - [61]

It sucks because of trolls like you who get encouraged by morons like me.

Posted - 2011.09.01 03:37:00 - [62]

Because new features sell better than fixes and balancing that the playerbase has asked for, for years? Every group feels ignored? The sense that no matter what feedback you give, CCP is going to do something else anyway?

Originally by: Mr LaboratoryRat
its effects on ingame player communication and corporation/alliance interaction

No idea what you mean here.

Pr1ncess Alia
Posted - 2011.09.01 04:02:00 - [63]

Why the game sucks:

If I was to answer all your questions with one line it would be this:

As a corporation CCP traded long term success for short term profit.

As an aside: It's a common wind for corporations in today's global economy. This one axiom has contributed more to the general decline of countless industries than any other. The fat cats and investors love it, customers and those who rely on long term health and stability of said industries do not.

Back to CCP and Eve!!

They lost sight of their vision to make the ultimate space simulator... As the only game of it's type on the market they constantly looked at how to make the sand box sandier... implement truly new and innovative aspects to the game. The sky was the limits on young CCP, but then people in suits stepped in. Why make a profit when you can make an INSANE PROFIT!?

Now they focus on things that have proven profitable for other games. They spend much on advertising, on each year/season's new *shiny* wanting more and more new players with no thought to whether they'll stay. As the revolving door began to spin they did not stop to think how to slow the door (fixing and improving the game itself) and instead focused on how to cram more people in through the door with little regard to those that were going out.

Community broken:

See above. When players are flash in the pan with their dedication, it's hard to form large stable ingame communities. As the revolving door spins faster it becomes harder to run across the people you used to know, and run into new people with a quality you will want to invest in ingame.

*I also think our current mechanics involving the ability for alts to remains anonymous to their mains contributes to this. Though an ingame 'fix' to this would likely only complicate the process to make an "anonymous" alt ...and who is to say anonymity isn't supposed to be part of the game?

Effects on ingame player communication and corporation/alliance interaction:

Again, if you have a game oriented towards *new shiny* every few months and people leaving as quickly as they come... communities are not going to be as large and ingrained. Corps/Alliances are the community, just how they fit as groups into the game mechanics. Dedication is needed. The more people put into their corps and alliances, the more the whole community will get out of the structure.

As I've eluded to, you won't have players dedicated to the game if the game is not dedicated to the players. Corporations and Alliances become more meaningless, more a function of game mechanics than actual teams of people that give a **** about one another. As the corps and alliances themselves are viewed superficially, no one is willing to attribute to them the respect needed for inter-corp/alliance communications including real diplomacy, negotiations and agreements.

Posted - 2011.09.01 04:16:00 - [64]

Spending any amount of time on these forums is enough to make anyone want to ragequit. Laughing

Posted - 2011.09.01 06:58:00 - [65]

I want to take a crack, though noteably I just want to say that this is devils advocate stuff here which I don't nescessarily endorse, but I understand the issues and understand why players would quit over it.

CCP Vision
The biggest problem right now is that CCP's vision for the future of the game is horribly misguided. Their focus on aspects of the game that have no baring on actual gameplay has not only derailed the games direction but left many of their previous visions unfinished. In essence they seem to be having problems seeing their vision through to the end, they jump on one bandwagon, work on it for a while and when its half finished they move on to the next thing. Every expansion since about Trinity is incomplete.

CCP Communication
For a community driven game CCP's communication with the community is atrocious. They created the CSM to get more direct input from the community yet they completetly ignore their advice and gag them under NDA agreements rendering them completetly useless. Their direct communication with the community is very criptic and wholey dishonest and their leader Hilmar is completetly out of touch with the community, so stubborn in fact he would rather see the entire game and its legacy die rather than admit that he made a mistake. At this point they have completly stopped with communicating with the community at all, the forums as a result are filled with speculation, none of which is being disputed which does nothing but add fuel to an already raging fire. Such a simple thing to get right, yet handled so atrociously.

CCP Development Efforts
The large majority of the development efforts, in particular in the last year have been complete failures. Incurses is without question one of the most useless expansions in the history of Eve, as well as the most buggy. The development process is shockingly bad from concept, through testing to deployment. In many ways the game would be improved if they simply stopped developing all together as each addition actually makes the game worse not better. The introduction of each new patch breaks more things than it fixes and the things that are broken as a result of patching and expansion additions are left broken for the most part permenantly. Again the development team much like the rest of CCP seem to be completetly out of touch with the community. Their are suggestions, demands, requests and petitions to fix hundreds of problems in the game and to date CCP is working on none of them. Literly every request in the past 2 years has been completetly ignored by CCP as the development team works on things no one asked them to work on and no one cares about. We ask them to fix Hybrid Turrets, they give us the NEX store? We ask them to fix factional warfare they give us incursions instead. We ask them to super cap ships, they give us the Noctis instead.

Ignorance To the Problems Associated with Botting
Probobly of all the biggest issues in the game that fuel many of the problems the mechanics allow is the endless and unlimited botting allowed in 0.0 that allows alliances that don't care about the EULA and know they have nothing to fear from CCP destroy the games founding mechanics as they are. Super caps for example are an issue but only because people have them in unlimited numbers thanks to literly an unlimited influx of ISK, thanks to uninterrupted botting. CCP has been completetly lame on this subject, not only allowing it but practically supporting it do to their complete disregard and inaction.

If there was ever a time to quit Eve it would be now, its a game who's developer has completetly stopped caring about it and its community on which its success was founded. They deserve nothing less than to fail and act as the latest lesson on what not to do with an MMO much like Star Wars Galaxies NGE did just a little less than a decade ago.

Independent Political Analysts
Posted - 2011.09.01 07:17:00 - [66]

CCP vision of the game deviated too much from the vision of the "old school" group of players. I'm nealy sure, the vast majority of "old school" - die hard PvP 0.0 crowd couldn't care less about fashion in space, captain quarters, walking in stations, Dust integration or stuff like that. Moreover, the same group despises the idea of insta-buying in-game advantage via some kind of $$$ portal. The whole idea of micro/macro-transactions on top of monthly subscription fee makes CCP look pathetic and desperate.

Posted - 2011.09.01 09:04:00 - [67]

The game does not suck. You have an opinion that the game sucks that unfortunatly a few others share because you are unable to adapt or unwilling to adapt. Adaption is life, if you can't you die (unsubscribe). Makes the rest of us stronger for getting rid of the useless unadaptable. Razz

Posted - 2011.09.01 09:11:00 - [68]

Because nothing great lasts forever.

Posted - 2011.09.01 09:20:00 - [69]

CCP stopped listening to It's playerbase many years ago. That is the entire downfall of Eve.

Is there 1 person who actually wants CQ? Is there 1 person who doesn't want spinny ships again?

Will we see spinny ships again?

There is my point, CCP don't listen to the people that made Eve, the real Eve what it is.

Posted - 2011.09.01 09:27:00 - [70]

I like the CQ, I just don't see what they're good for and I'm kinda lacking enthusiasm right now for its future considering the PAX Q&A.

Ship spinning I don't really care about. It was a nice gimmick, and it had one or two easy access things we don't have anymore but I never knew about these till they were gone (drag ship to hangar to board etc.)

That said, sorry to see another old-timer go. It's always sad if people give up on a toy they used to love. Godspeed and all.

Rakshasa Taisab
Sane Industries Inc.
Posted - 2011.09.01 09:39:00 - [71]

I also have 200 billion ISK I want to sell.

Forum Worrier
Posted - 2011.09.01 09:44:00 - [72]

Originally by: TriadSte
CCP stopped listening to It's playerbase many years ago. That is the entire downfall of Eve.

Is there 1 person who actually wants CQ? Is there 1 person who doesn't want spinny ships again?

Will we see spinny ships again?

There is my point, CCP don't listen to the people that made Eve, the real Eve what it is.

I like CQ. Looking forward to walking in stations, player run bars and corp offices.

I have spinny ships. I can stand on my balcony and watch my ship spin by itself. I can open the fitting window and spin away. I could even undock and go nuts.

There is my point. Who should CCP listen to? You, me, or themselves? Game would never have been made if they'd listened to players. Ok guys, we're making a cool space game, what do you want in it? Chaos.

Posted - 2011.09.01 09:45:00 - [73]

Originally by: Mr LaboratoryRat
game sucks for long tiem now
community gets sucky more and more
time to fold

-3 accounts, 9 alts, 250m sp

ps; the person that makes the most accurate post why the game sucks and why the community got broken and its effects on ingame player communication and corporation/alliance interaction wins.

*they forced CQ on the player base removing our beloved ship spinning.
*they put micro transactions in the game "space barbies" that cost and arm and a leg discouraging us from buying anything even if it was good.
*Incarna added squat to the game in and of itself. 1.1 is fixing very old bugs and new ones they created.
*Faction warfare is a shadow of what it could be and will possibly not be looked at for a while.
*The development has openly stated that they use a system of flavor of the month or fotm to keep people cross training.
*corporations and alliances along with 0.0 hasn't had work to it for a long time and the new changes will hurt almost everyone.
*they gave very little warning to graphics revamps / "upgrades". Many the uneducated gamer lost their pc from it frying.
*with a lock on this genre of mmo with no other competition. They lack the proper advertising skills and hooks to draw in new players.

I think that about covers it... No wait, I was wrong. Bugs that live for multiple expansions. bugs created by expansions fixed with smaller patches that break other things. And constant "null makes to much, nerf it." to "null makes to little for its risk/ reward, buff it!"

When it comes down to it, a mixture of all this along with super capitals and veterans controlling everything has crippled EVE. Alliance more than corporation sucks because its all about money. Renters are used to occupy space while bigger alliances RMT. And new players fall victim to 300 mill and we haul your stuff into 0.0 scams. But the only way to make the big bucks is an alliance and corporation so people still do it. /cheers

Zenith Intaki
Federal Defence Union
Posted - 2011.09.01 09:59:00 - [74]

Originally by: Mr LaboratoryRat
game sucks for long tiem now
community gets sucky more and more
time to fold

-3 accounts, 9 alts, 250m sp

ps; the person that makes the most accurate post why the game sucks and why the community got broken and its effects on ingame player communication and corporation/alliance interaction wins.


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EVE Online: Second Job

Flynn Fetladral
Royal Order of Security Specialists
Posted - 2011.09.01 10:33:00 - [75]

If your leaving, why do you care anyway?

Invictus Latrones
Posted - 2011.09.01 10:40:00 - [76]

Originally by: Mr LaboratoryRat
game sucks for long tiem now
community gets sucky more and more
time to fold

-3 accounts, 9 alts, 250m sp

ps; the person that makes the most accurate post why the game sucks and why the community got broken and its effects on ingame player communication and corporation/alliance interaction wins.

All of your friends have left to go play WoW and now the game sucks for you? The community got broken because you no longer have anyone to play with and so your sense of community and 'feeling wanted' have disappeared. Now that your friends don't play you have no one to communicate with thus the ingame player communication is pretty much non-existant for you. All of your friends were in your Corporation and since they have decided WoW is for them you no longer have any corporation interaction. Moreover, as your friends have left you don't want to socialise with strangers thus you don't communicate with Alliance people anymore.

The bottom line is that you should give me your ISK and go be with your friends on WoW.

kari bourza
The Black Legionnares
Fidelas Constans
Posted - 2011.09.01 10:42:00 - [77]

The game suck because i like money ?

Espiritu Santo
Posted - 2011.09.01 10:43:00 - [78]

Why it sucks is simple = CCP

Thats all there is to it.

Simple and true.

Posted - 2011.09.01 10:50:00 - [79]

Edited by: Tribunia on 01/09/2011 10:52:31
Originally by: Mr LaboratoryRat
ps; the person that makes the most accurate post why the game sucks and why the community got broken

I ll tell you why and it aint the 200m isk question you re putting either.

CCP CEO: - "Greed is good!"

It s gone from a pashion for a game to a pashion for money in the bank basically and it s effects have rubbed off in a really bad way on the game. From everythign such as community managers/liasons, to contents to community interaction.

Greed is detractive and corrosive on everything from 'good will', creativity and inspiration to customer/community interaction in the end.

You could very well make a living from a business witout greed but CCP fail that because they dont see it s inherent values.

In this day and age, I would almost pay for such a trait in a company and CCP have appealed to me over the years because they came across as something like that in the beginning. Today, they are just another Proctor & Gamble, Nestlé or Coca Cola.

Theres your answer.

Kyn Kailata
Posted - 2011.09.01 11:52:00 - [80]

The International System's unit of measurement for the sense of entitlement is the Manchester JobCentre (MJC), measured as 1 (one) JobCentre filled to capacity with Mancunians on unemployment benefits.

The main reason why Eve is broken is, basically, that the sense of entitlement of the average Eve player is about 22 Kilo-MJC (KMJC). For comparison, the average Scouser has a sense of entitlement of 3.2 MJC and the average French university student of about 75 MJC

Posted - 2011.09.01 11:57:00 - [81]

Originally by: Zaara Arran
No other current MMO encourages scams, betrayal, metagaming, espionage, trolling, griefing, and general asshattery like EVE does.

This is not true. I started playing Global Agenda, when I made it into the main city thing, I could have sworn I was sitting in Jita with the "send me money and I'll send you 2x back" spam in local. The only difference is it doesn't appear that you can shoot anyone, anywhere, for any reason.

Posted - 2011.09.01 12:01:00 - [82]

I can tell everyone why the game has started to go wrong......................................

As soon as i saw Hilmar show everyone a picture of his baby to be born in his wifes belly i knew he has now given up on Eve and become a Dad........

He did this at the Fanfest and i acutually sat next to him when he recorded the CSM chaired meeting.

I wont tell you what he said ( because i didnt understand Icelandic) but he is more intrested in the Family now.

I think this is good however as i have become a Father since i started Eve, people must realise things change and people................

This is the main reason Eve has begun a change.

War Kitten
Panda McLegion
Posted - 2011.09.01 12:08:00 - [83]

Originally by: Mr LaboratoryRat

-3 accounts, 9 alts, 250m sp

3 accounts, 9 alts... Post with your main!

The community "got broken" because of falcon.


Sharp Dressed Man
Posted - 2011.09.01 12:49:00 - [84]

This game sucks so much that Dyson naming it's models after te ships in eve.

Posted - 2011.09.01 12:51:00 - [85]

Personally speaking, I'm actually getting back into the game after being away for a year.

But certain things that drove me away still maintain a strong presence.

Like take for example this is most certainly not a new player friendly game, you get in and the distance between you and everyone else is years... not months of grinding but literally years of game time. You can never catch up to anyone who has been around since the beginning. So why bother at times even logging in when you can just set you skills pay your monthly fee and wander off. Not to mention people will grief you, steal your stuff and say its in the rules(which is supported by ccp.. sadly).

This goes hand in hand with the fact if you ever take a break.... you can never catch up with anyone. Like me.

There is no attraction to do null sec for most people since it is controlled by strong social groups.. which is good on them but a severe limitation to the game and its potential for bringing in new players... besides you could take some time off, come back to find your corp disbanded and your Sov space gone... after years of working on your "space"... its just gone... which i understand is the nature of the game but really when that happens, who really wants to start over, I play games to get away from reality for a few hours a day/week ... not live here.

With these social groups comes RL division.. take for example like someone mentioned Russian players... I do not speak Russian, and that limits my ability to communicate with some of them. Another reason why most companies opt for divided regional servers.. it limits some of the possibility of divided regional hate building.

I think that CCP knows about a lot of the issues that plague their game but basically they made this, and they are not sure how best to deal with it, which also makes me think they might have their sights set on something else... they have also been notoriously slow at getting going at most things.. which in turn makes players start to feel abandoned, and hate brews etc etc.

I'm back because i have a RL friend and co worker who plays and got me to come back.. but really who knows how long i will be here for again since its the same as it was a year ago.. and basically back in 05 when i rolled my first toon..

Considering what i mentioned.. the fact this game breeds hate and in game social trends like screwing the next guy over.. it will continue now and until the game finally shuts down.. and maybe they will release an Eve 2 with some better things in place so that new people can experience the game in its whole rather than a limited region of space.. i think i have seen only 32 systems.. and very few null and low sec... back when there was NRDS in prov.. not sure what its like now..

For now I will wait till DUST is released... if it is ever released so i can help struggling corps take sov.. and kill ppl with my fps skills rather than getting blown up a billion times to a player who has years of skills(not skill) in the game.. and my only chance to catch up to them is if they quit for a long period of time.

I'm not looking for your money or toons Mr Lab.. you should hang onto them just incase you want to come back.

I wish you all the best.

TL;DR: Stuff you can troll about go L2read.

Elisa Cesaille
Posted - 2011.09.01 12:53:00 - [86]

I need the isk to fight the new forum

Tycho Magnetic Anomaly
Posted - 2011.09.01 13:06:00 - [87]

Originally by: Mr LaboratoryRat
game sucks for long tiem now
ps; the person that makes the most accurate post why the game sucks and why the community got broken and its effects on ingame player communication and corporation/alliance interaction wins.

Power blocks that comtrolled space when supecaps hit could build enough quickly enough to be invulnrable to everyone with less than them. Big boys get bigger - join them or loose. This makes corp/alliance interactions essentially playgorund politics where the biggest bully rules the world.

fun fun

Trebron Znieh
Posted - 2011.09.01 13:15:00 - [88]

I think the above answers are all missing the point.

The one and only thing that really matters:

- the universe is much too small.

All the cool and fascinating stuff in the game can only be enjoyed by very few people.

- Exploration: no chance, there are probably dozens of scanners for every anomaly.
- Wormholes: all are occupied.
- 0.0 space: only the biggest alliances stand a chance to "own" some space there

and the list goes on. It is true for every aspect of the game: the universe is too small. It should be 10- times as big.

So basically all most people can do is:
- mining and manufacturing
- running missions

Thats not enough. We need more elbow room.

Dee Luxx
Posted - 2011.09.01 13:29:00 - [89]

Sure this game is not perfect but if you really feel that way I'd suggest you give up on mmorpgs entirely. The other mmorpgs will have you sticking your head in a blender in no time.

Randy Foker
Posted - 2011.09.01 14:42:00 - [90]

The problem with EVE is CCP is a business and has to turn a profit.

Their ideas on how they can best make profit are not the ideas that the playerbase would like to see.

CCP listen to the playerbase and give them the things that they want, not force s**t in their mouth and expect them to eat it and be happy.

Basically, it feels like CCP are trying to milk the playerbase of their cash without offering anything new that's fun.

I would have preferred an arena where doomsdaying shuttles can run rampant than CQ :P

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