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Roga Dracor
Mental Disorders Inc.
Posted - 2011.08.30 22:23:00 - [1]

Edited by: Roga Dracor on 30/08/2011 22:49:38

Eve Online's canon fiction has evolved over time, presenting erroneous and conflicting accounts of the history of New Eden. Human failings on many fronts, from Developers to hardcore Role Players to the effectively disassociated, uncaring players, have left the storyline hard to follow and with little solid background to draw from. This is paradoxically seen as both a help and a hinder to Role Play in Eve Online.

At the heart of it all, Eve is about people, everyone vs. everyone as the acronym goes. More specifically, humanity.

I have always been an avid study of humanity, religion and social history. A student of psychohistory or semiotics, if you will. History teaches us many things about ourselves and our ideology we may not be willing to admit, or would have no reason to pursue in the first place, from a personal standpoint.

So when I began playing Eve, I began looking for what made it tick, the story behind the story. And not alot made sense to me. Latin chanting sycophants with Persian names running about enslaving Germanic Tribesmen with an overabundance of melanin. Frenchmen who always looked slightly Indonesian to me had a perfect society that struggled against a Japanese mega corporation turned Economic State. And then there were the Jove. The big, enigmatic mystery of Eve.

My biggest interest in New Eden has always been, what could have happened on Earth to create this current situation? Being the history\mystery sponge I am, it was only natural.

Everything has a basis in something that was, I hold this as a firm belief. So when the writers began to "invent" Eve's backstory, they each had lines of reasoning and imaginings that had a basis in thier own perceptions of reality and "what is possible?".

Many of the Devs are well versed in "classic" and "pulp" speculative fiction, or "sci fi". It pervades Eve Online. It is evident in the honor bestowing, innocent and humerous plagerisms of Servant Sister's of Eve, Capsuleers, and the list is actually far more exhaustive than I have time to relate, as many of you know.

I believe I finally found the exact model for the Terran authority, as it may have been. It was an Achaemenid style society cast into the future. Please, don't think me arrogant by such a blunt statement. Look yourself, make a judgement on the evidence I present. It actually validates many points of seeming discepency in Eve. The Achaemenid created the first Great Empire in Earth's history. Most of the conquered peoples willingly embraced this Empire, because it allowed them autocracy, much as Concord does for the Empires. It was incredibly tolerant of foreign religion and essentially treated all religions as equal. Much as the term Unified Catholic Church implies.

It was a Zoroastrian type religious society, they practiced a "Good Religion", a tolerant religion. A dualistic religion, not a monotheistic religion. And therein, I believe, is where the schism arose between the UCC and the Conformists. The Amarr are monotheists, they believe in the Father God that rules supreme over all. While the Dualists see it more as Good and Evil spawned from some greater medium, equal and opposite twin principles. They held a view of man's place as beings born into Free Will, the Good was generally held to be the path to enlightenment.

Cyrus the "Elder" created an Empire unrivalled at the time, one that encompassed most of the known world from Egypt to the Far East. Many of his subjects referred to him as "The Father". Such a man could have ruled the vast stellar Empires of Eve's past.

Roga Dracor
Mental Disorders Inc.
Posted - 2011.08.30 22:44:00 - [2]

Edited by: Roga Dracor on 30/08/2011 22:55:44

An Empire that in history spawned Ardishir and Shapur as it converted to Islam, a monotheistic religious view, and the Sassanid Empire. Much as Unified Catholicism spawned the Conformists found in New Eden.

The Achaemenid Empire was founded as a multi-Empire State governed by four capital States under the Emporer, each had it's own satrap, or king. Idea embodied in Concord?

Look well through that page, you will find The Bull symbol, Nowruze, and coincidences too numerous to list..


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