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Posted - 2011.08.30 18:12:00 - [1]


The lack of a role for fleet command ships has in my opinion been an issue since the introduction of t3 ships which perform better as 'off-grid fleet boosters' and can be also used as scout / prober. Fleet command ships do not present any major advantage on grid either in larger fleets (read 20 plus).


Give fleet command ships a unique role, and a role that only works when it is 'on-grid' with the fleet.

The role I have in mind is for the ship to work as a link back to the corporation office in station. Essentially a member of the fleet can uplink to each fleet command ship present on grid. The person in station would then be able to see the grid as if they were there. The ship itself would remain under control of its pilot and if destroyed or 'off-grid' the connection would be severed.

The person in station would have access to the full suite of the command ships sensors (i.e. would have a better view of the emerging tactical situation) this could be in the form of whatever additional tactical information we wanted to add / make available. The person in station would be in a better situation to assess situations and presumably FC.

Simply put the idea being that a fleet with a member back in incarna linked to a fleet command ship would have advantages over a fleet without. This could be linked to actual fleet bonus advantages or formations etc if deemed appropriate. Small fleets wouldn't have a use for this feature but larger fleets, I hope, would.


Basically, give a unique role to fleet command ships which can only be used 'on-grid' by linking them to Incarna.

I couldn't see this idea posted before, appologies if it has been aired and shot down in flames before.

<3 8ag

Posted - 2011.08.30 18:44:00 - [2]

Edited by: Fournone on 30/08/2011 18:46:09
Hmm, interesting idea. As an occasional FC and friend of a number of experienced FCs I can tell you this would help the FC by leaps and bounds. Its hard to issue effective orders when your in hull or running off grid in your pod. That and its difficult to help pewpew anything while issueing orders so whatever your flying its potential in battle is wasted beyond any warfare links you may be packing.

However, if CCP added this to the game it would take out the tactical advantage of taking out the FC. Sure this can happen if the uplinked ship is killed but instead of knowing your enemy and targetting him specifically, you might as well be shooting blindfolded.

Edit: Ofc is adds some tactics like bringing in a ton of fleet command ships to make it very difficult to take out the FC's eyes. Its tough to call this one. Good idea regardless.


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