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CCP Soundwave

C C P Alliance
Posted - 2011.09.05 12:55:00 - [31]

Originally by: N1gella Laws0n
Pretty brave, if I just told a whole world full of people that they are my cashcow and I want to bleed them hard, I'd stay the **** indoors till they'd forogtten.

I've been traveling all summer, EVE players are great.

Fleet Coordination Command
Fleet Coordination Coalition
Posted - 2011.09.05 13:00:00 - [32]

Originally by: CCP Soundwave
Originally by: Headerman
@CCP Soundwave, would you or CCP in general be interested in attending next Octobers EB Expo, Australias new gaming expo?

I'd love to go, but I'll probably not be able to. I've been doing a lot of traveling this summer, during the quiet periods, but now that everyone is back in the office, I'd prefer to not be gone for too long at a time.

Then send someone else as your prophet! Let them spread the word of EVE to the far off mystical lands of Terra Australis. I'm sure there is someone in a CCP office somewhere in the world itching to have their head eaten off by a Dropbear.

Har Harrison
Amarrian Retribution
Posted - 2011.09.05 13:02:00 - [33]

And I only live an hour or so away from the Gold Coast - I would LOVE to go have a discussion with a CCP employee about when they are going to fix FW Twisted Evil

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This thread is older than 90 days and has been locked due to inactivity.


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