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Shaalira D'arc
Posted - 2011.08.30 02:07:00 - [1]

The recent patch notes contain this new feature:

The Activity Notifications function lets you know when you have interesting activity happening on EVE Gate and EVE Forums. The alerts appear in the notification icons found in your EVE Gate header; as real time popups, and for those moments you are busy looking at another site - you can see the number of new activity in your EVE Gate or Forum browser tab.
The Mail Icon notifies you when you have new unread mail. Clicking it will take you straight to your EVE mail.
The Notification Flag shows you how many new activities you have on EVE Gate and the forums. Clicking the flag gives you a dropdown listing your new activities and takes you straight to them. At the bottom of the notification dropdown list you find a link to your Activity Notification page where all notifications are listed by date.
Players will be notified of the following activities in real time:
When somebody posts on your wall.
When somebody comments on your wall post.
When somebody comments on a post other character has made on your wall.
When somebody posts a reply to a forum thread you subscribe to.
When somebody likes your post on the forums.
When you receive an event invitation.
When you receive new EVE Mail.

This may be 'interesting activity' for a social network site, but most players want to keep track of events related to their internet spaceships. Instead of (or in addition to) forum and message activity notifications, I propose this new web app tech is used to display notifications of relevant in-game going ons.

Some examples:
When one of your POS' comes under attack.
When a new fleet is available in Fleet Finder.
When your skill queue has run out or is close to running out.
When you've learned a skill.
When you've finished some manufacturing/invention/etc. task.
When a system in FW becomes contested, decontested, or won/lost.
When a new Incursion hits.
When one of your contracts is finished or accepted.
When one of your sell or buy orders have been fulfilled.
When some important Sov-related event happens concerning your alliance.
When you have a Corp recruitment role and someone sends in an application.

Naturally, one should be able to toggle any notification category on or off.

If CCP does want people to be regularly logged into EVE Gate when they're not in the client itself, notifications like these would go a long way to keeping players interested in spacebook.


This thread is older than 90 days and has been locked due to inactivity.


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