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Sydney Nelson
Posted - 2011.08.31 17:59:00 - [61]

Originally by: Jacob Stov
Edited by: Jacob Stov on 31/08/2011 15:03:01

I would like to point to this proposal: The best one in my opinion. Even though it is a very "caldari" solution. At least, that is how I got to the very same result. Ammo switching should modify tracking, not optimal. That means the highest damaging ammo is best used for targets "far away", where tracking isn't that much of an issue.


That is a pretty good proposal!

Ars ex Discordia
Test Alliance Please Ignore
Posted - 2011.08.31 23:26:00 - [62]

Originally by: Wind Rush Norana.

If CCP want to fix Hybrids, they should:
Railguns - increase Aplha by 100%, penalise RoF to give overall DPS increase of roughly 25%.
Blasters - just increase DPS, its not as if tey are that great compared to torps anyway, yet they have absurdly inferior range.

This change would be absolutely perfect as it would help the cap and ammo stability of rails..(If a Rokh takes 30 minutes to run out of ammo, it would take the same Maelstrom around 5 hours).

As for Blasters more dps is the best fix since it would keep it a niche weapon will all its old flaws.

I wish you worked for CCP, apparently the word is they will work on hybrids next year..

Center for Advanced Studies
Posted - 2011.09.01 00:36:00 - [63]

Originally by: Rastigan
...apparently the word is they will work on hybrids next year...

By then other stuff will be changed making blaster/rails hulls using those still obsolete has they are atm, the 3+ year old thread will pop again and blah blah blah...again.

"They shoot stuff they hit stuff they kill stuff. They work !!" - True.

Lost trust about positive hybrid/gallente changes a long time ago once I've started training Minmatar stuff and saw by my self how pathetic hybrids/gallente are.

Buffing range for blasters people will say "it's auto canons like" - well it's auto canons that are far better in blasters niche atm... -why not get rid of tracking formula and increase dmg significantly?

Rails...tracking is so poor even with the bonus megathron you can win a lot of dps by adding tracking computers scripted tracking (a lot from poor dps is always something).
The rails alpha... who cares about rails having the highest dps after one year non stop shooting when fights last a few seconds (small gangs) or at worst minutes (large fleets)?

It's pretty easy when you have to choose "THE gun" when you know how long fights last: dmg selection, best tracking, warp disruption range/web range, biggest dps/alpha in the shortest possible time

The answer is simple for small engagements: auto canons or missiles -by the time the blaster pilot gets in range he's already in the hull and neuted =no dps no tank no prop mods = nothing (assuming small engagements from bc to bs size with the usual set of med neuts or large on bs size)

People forget to add all the facts: shield buffer fits leaves lots of low slots = has many tracking/dps mods has you can+DCU (A LOT)

Gallente=armor (should I say hull heh?) so lets forget the...shield fits: once you've fitted your tank and you're slow has a brick how many dmg/tracking mods can you fit?
-another problem the gallente pilot has to deal with his already anaemic dps brick, by the time you are in range to do your "theoretical" dps hoping not to miss the 200billion megaton dinosaur in front of you but... you're already in the hull and caped out, incapable to disengage, use prop mods, tank mods or even use the ammo you spend 10sec reloading. (oc this doesn't happen vs newbs)

I'm liking my phoon capable to fit 1 large neut, smartbomb, enough auto canons to **** even t2 hulls with not much effort, enough drone bay to use ecm drones or dps drones, enough tank and dps mods to get the crap out of tons of ships, and it's cap stable...

I'm loving my cane with bs dps, no tracking issues (kill ceptors with no effort is almost ridiculous), incredible tank (nice sign) shield or armor fits, mobility, cap draining ability, ecm or dps drones, no cap issues, dmg selection, no pg issues, no cpu issues.
After this, how can someone be stupid enough to fit another diemost or paper brutix with guns that have every drawback this game can offer?

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