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Wrathful Penguins
Quafe LP
Posted - 2011.08.29 14:12:00 - [1]

Edited by: Wrathful Penguins on 29/08/2011 14:15:50
For a long time I struggled to convert LP. Everyone knows that blitzing missions pays the best in theory, the problem is that nobody can liquidate all the LP they make and you end up with a lot of theoretical money and no isk. The easy conversions such as ships give terrible rates of isk/lp whereas the harder conversions take so long to sell that the time lost from not missioning cuts into your profit. The problem, in my opinion, is a lack of centralisation and specialisation. It's absurd that people buy, move and .01 their LP goods separately, each suffering from the lost opportunity cost of continued missioning. The complaint you always hear is not that people can't find good conversions but that they take too long, requires too much work and eats too much liquidity.

I recently set up trading alts and created a freighter alt to help me convert my LP but to be honest it's dull and I'm not convinced it pays for itself with the number of missions I do. So my proposal is simple. Join my corp and mission with me and I will simply buy your LP off you for a flat rate. You will be able to clearly see how much isk a mission pays in real terms, convert your LP at your leisure and spend more time actually missioning.

Apply to the corporation Quafe LP or convo me in game to find out more. The corp is simply because the corporation structure (bulletins, corp mails, contracts) makes running this operation simpler, we require absolutely nothing from you, will not ask anything of you and won't care what you do in your own time.

- How do you buy LP?
- Basically I'm going to set up corp contracts that want to trade a lot of cash plus all the raw materials needed for an LP conversion (such as ammo, ships or tags) for the finished product. You get cash + raw materials, you combine that with your LP and trade the LP good to me. The amount of cash will cover the conversion cost plus a fixed rate per LP.

- How do I access the agent?
- I am willing to share mission rewards with people (provided they help with the missions) until they get their own standings. Once they get started they can mission on their own time as much as they want.

- Can anyone join?
- Yes. It's a business partnership and I welcome anyone who wants to centralise LP conversions. Even pirates can access the lowsec agents if they wish, I'm not picky.

- What's the catch?
- My cut will be coming from economies of scale. My freighter/trade alts will cost the same amount to plex monthly no matter how much I move which means stuff that would otherwise be too time consuming to do suddenly becomes viable. By applying economies of scale to the more complicated LP conversions I can sell enough to justify the overheads.

- What's the pay?
- Rates start at 1k isk/lp with bonus rates for people who produce LP in bulk or recruit other people.

- Where is it?
- The principle agent is a Quafe agent in Arbaz VI - Moon 8 - Quafe Company Warehouse. Any Quafe agent will work though and I have plans to expand to other LP stores.

- What if you get war decced?
- This corporation is simply for LP conversions, if people wish to drop corp between conversions that is fine by me. I also have no problems simply remaking the corporation with every war dec. I just want people to mission.

Any further questions, feel free to post them here. Scammers and thieves need not apply as I have no intention of giving out roles/access to anyone. All transactions done by this corp will be appropriately collateralised (for both parties) and will be done through contract.

Edit: Mods, if this should be in corp recruitment then move it but I do not believe it should be. I am using the corp structure in game but that is all, I have absolutely no corporate goals, I don't intend to do anything with corpmates other than put up corp contracts. I see this as a revolution in making isk from missioning through centralisation, it's more of a mailing list for contracts than anything else.

Posted - 2011.08.29 14:19:00 - [2]

There doesn't seem to be any need to actually join a corp for this. All of it is something you can do with anyone, anytime. You're just putting out a large, open ended buy order. You tell people what you want from teh LP store, they get it and sell it to you. Nothing new or original here.

Also, wrong sub forum for both WTB/WTS and recruiting.

Cursed Slave
Posted - 2011.08.29 14:43:00 - [3]

If you look at the corporation information, there is a 10% tax which means that he also gets 10 % of your bounties. This is how he can afford to buy the materials needed to complete the conversion. Very sneaky sir. But if your looking to expand for lp conversions, I run missions for home guard in caldari space. Contact my alt mike anthunt or mike ant if you wish to make an exchange.

Mara Abraham
The Tuskers
Posted - 2011.08.29 14:56:00 - [4]

Good day, Wrathful Penguins:

As stated, you could do this via contracts without anyone needing to join your corporation.

There are those, like myself, who get our LP from faction warfare missions (which requires you to be in an fw corporation).

Thank you.

Wrathful Penguins
Quafe LP
Posted - 2011.08.29 15:55:00 - [5]

Edited by: Wrathful Penguins on 29/08/2011 16:29:11
Edited by: Wrathful Penguins on 29/08/2011 15:58:51
Changing tax to 0% in response to the tax comment, 10% was the default number I think. This is not tax farming. I'm paying 1k for LP, putting in labour of my own and selling it for more.

Tax Rate Changed To 0.0%
From: Wrathful Penguins
Sent: 2011.08.29 15:56

This is an automated message: The tax rate for Quafe LP members has been changed from 10.0% to 0.0%.

In response to the wrong forum thing, I was unsure where to put it. It's a new way of approaching missioning (I don't believe there was previously a system for LP exchange on a large scale), it is in many ways an ongoing want to buy order but done through the structure of a corp. I need some sort of hybrid forum for it.

CCP Zymurgist

Posted - 2011.08.29 17:31:00 - [6]

Since you are ultimately buying LP the Wants Ads & Trades forum should work nicely. Moved from Missions and Complexes.


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