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Cmdr Kels
Posted - 2011.08.29 07:14:00 - [1]

I've been in and out of EVE for a number of years and find myself looking to have a bit of fun again!

For most of this year I've been in NCdot where I've enjoyed all kinds of PVP styles and had some awsome pew but I've become tired of the insults and rage by the teeny boppers and no lifers who lead it.

I'm EU/UK, 37 yrs old with family and usual commitments that come with it...

I'm looking to find somewhere to log in and have a bit of fun not because there is work to be done, the days of "log to fck in you useless ***gots" being pinged over jabber are over for me Very Happy

So what type of corp am I looking for!!

1. First off it has to be active and by that I dont mean 5 people in corp chat and nobody saying a word.
2. No pirates, I dont want to loose sec stat.
3. I dont mind fun roams into worm holes but not convinced I'd like to stay there.

I dont really care if your not dedicated to PVP as long as the corp is not scared of it, maybe a couple of nights a week where we can go pew somewhere.. even the odd war dec for lol's would be fun!

I dont care about your KB stats as long as you dont fail horribly or if you do are at least willing to listen to suggestions on fittings & fleet compositions.

I'm self sufficiant and have alts that can assist in any Indy type ops if your corp engages in such stuff too, I've dabbles in most things in game so I can turn my hand to anything although I've yet to touch incursions.

Feel free to leave me a response here or drop me an ingame mail and see how we go from there.

OMEGAplex Skir
Posted - 2011.08.29 08:59:00 - [2]


Arrow Come by the A4D Bar , we may have what your after

Posted - 2011.08.29 09:29:00 - [3]

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Our Ad

We could be what you are looking for.


Norse'Storm Battle Group
Intrepid Crossing
Posted - 2011.08.30 12:01:00 - [4]

Please visit your user settings to re-enable images.

Norse’Storm Battle Group (NS-BG) is looking to grow and we need you!

We are becoming a well established corporation and continue to grow daily. Currently based in the Cobalt Edge Region, MO-YDG System, we cover almost every aspect of EVE, including but not limited to Mining, Industry, Missioning, Exploration, Null-Sec Roaming, and downright good times. Our home system is a quiet one and along with everything mentioned above we offer a ship replacement program in corporation.

Arrow ”What do you really have to offer and what are your goals?"

Miners - Rorqe support in 0.0 space, constant mining ops, and a retriever program. While we look for dedicated Rorqe pilots, we still will have plenty to mine in 0.0. There is money to be made here. Our corp. requires allot of minerals for ongoing manufacturing and we are more than willing to pay miners to get these minerals for us. We are looking to offer excellent refining and an excellent pay system. On top of all this, if you show yourself to be a dedicated miner and learn the required skills, the corp. will give you a Hulk free of charge. We need our miners and we take care of them.

Explorers - The area we are based out of MO-YDG System is rich with both signatures and anomalies. There are also Plex’s in the area. We will be constantly scouting out new wormholes and could use pilots with great scanning abilities.

Mission Runners - On a daily basis we run missions ranging from levels 1-5 and we also have several plex’s in the area. Whether you are just starting out in level ones or are pushing into fives, we have a place for you. Also, anyone is welcome to come along on higher level missions regardless of current ship or current SP. All we ask is that you follow direction, shoot smart, and bring a ship fitted for combat.

Our Corp Members - We are a community to every definition of the word. Our future member base will be multi-time zone. TS3 voice server is set up for Corp/Alliance. use and members are encouraged to take full advantage of it. Humor is a must within our ranks. As far as advancement within the corp. goes, the sky is the limit.

Relocation - If you decide to join us and have allot of assets at your home base, not to worry, we have dedicated haulers that would be more than happy to transfer all your belongings to are null security station.

Skill Books - Need help? Just ask. (No Capital Books at this time)

Scheduled Corp Ops - Yes, we do schedule ops as a corp. And we are built on working together to meet our long term goals. No, they are not mandatory. Norse’Storm firmly believes that real life comes before EVE.

Ship Replacement Program - Yes we do have a Corp. ship replacement program in effect.

Arrow "Alright then, what are your requirements?"

We are looking for active pilots of all ages, SP, and experience. Are you new to the game and kind of lost? Not sure what you want to do? Just need some help getting your footing? We are the place for you. Are you a veteran who is set in his/her ways and just looking for a new home? We got you too. We only ask that you can use TS3 and have a mic.

If you are interested in joining or have questions contact

- Kellax (CO)

Norse'Storm Website: Link

or join channel " NSBG-[PUBLIC "

And as a recap, we are looking for:

★ Combat Pilots
★ Miners
★ Haulers
★ Mission Runners
★ Exploration Pilots
★ All Purpose Pilots
★ Manufactures
★ Super Capital Friendly

Come check us out![/b]

Posted - 2011.08.30 12:13:00 - [5]

Hey mate, we are a mature corp in a decent size alliance mostly living in wormholes.
That said, we pvp on a regular basis, almost every time I log on we go and kill people, or at least attempt to.
As I and some others in the corp have families we understand rl comes first.
Come hang out with us or ever fly with us for a bit and see if we suit your needs.
Join SAIPH PUB for a chat.

Chevere del'Alma
Solarise Flares
Posted - 2011.08.30 12:28:00 - [6]

Sent ya an in game mail.

Drew Li
The Dominion of Light
Posted - 2011.08.31 09:10:00 - [7]

We're in a smaller but growing 0.0 alliance with a good chunk of EU/UK players. We dabble in a little of everything so we may fit your style perfectly. Check out The Dominion of Light and message/convo me in game sometime if you have any questions.

Cmdr Kels
Posted - 2011.09.01 14:58:00 - [8]


101st Space Marine Force
Nulli Secunda
Posted - 2011.09.01 16:31:00 - [9]

I'm not sure if by
the days of "log to fck in you useless ***gots" being pinged over jabber are over for me

you intend to say that you're through with nullsec warfare, if you are, ignore the following.

The 101SMF is always looking for experienced pilots to bolster our ranks. We're a founding member of Nulli Secunda (out of Period Basis) and as a result love our pvp. However, we maintain a strict policy of "RL comes first" no member of leadership will ever require you to be online or logged in at a certain time.

As far as pvp types, we do a little of everything. We run small roams, medium roams, the occasional Black Ops drop, and the occasional lagfest. Our FC's do their best to get roams going out regularly in all TZ's.

If you're interested or have some questions, our ingame channel is "101SM Recruitment". (or you could send me an EVEmail) Looking forward to talking with you.


Cpl. Aiwha

Eon Ellivlem
Rekall Incorporated
Posted - 2011.09.01 16:59:00 - [10]

Hi Cmdr Kels,
If your after a bit of fun, check out this link, active corp, 99% UK and always up for a bit of pvp

Cmdr Kels
Posted - 2011.09.04 05:23:00 - [11]



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