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Evet Morrel
Jericho Fraction
The Star Fraction
Posted - 2011.08.28 19:20:00 - [1]

Edited by: Evet Morrel on 28/08/2011 19:30:26

[Star Fraction] Interview part 1
High ceilings and large rotating fans. They're low enough for her to feel the breeze. Is this a recent vogue for retro chic? She likes the shadows they throw, breaking the clear cool light of early morning, in sync with the waves of ecstatic pleasure that lap over her. She's remembering other lovers between the sheets in other rooms, much like this hotel room, elegant, tasteful, much like so many other rooms in her past. Breathing hard she watches herself and Gaunia in an odd, but familiar overhead mirror, hidden in the tester of the four poster.

Afterwards, she watches Gaunia move up her supine body, sinuously, humming, kissing as she advances. Turning her head Evet can also see herself from a standing mirror, but it's only from the tester she can tell that the rosy stripes on her body are the impression of her impelling harness, now discarded on the floor. The buckles having marked her visibly, in her descent from the drop-ship perhaps; damn it, even through her nano-membrane smock.

On her elbows she looks down following Gaunia's progress. She begins to sing, in her accented contralto, the words to the tune Gaunia's humming:

"She alters everything with those eyes, doesn't she?"

Gaunia's hair, unwound, is think, long and ticklish. Enjoying each giggle Gaunia explores the creases left by the discarded webbing.

Evet sings the next verse,

... "Lion-headed lady, whose wings are they?
How should she love me, or believe me wise?"

First, Gaunia kisses Evet's right ankle, along a keloid scar that winds its way up her thigh to meet her panty line, to the faint impression left by the belt platform at each hip.

... "She seeks a home under happier skies.
She makes a Heaven of Hell,
She's one-Hell-of-a heavenly babe."

Then to the outline of her cross-your-heart bra to the Toumaci holster; every trace gets a love bite.

Finishing her freckle-by-freckle inspection, Gaunia says teasingly, "All the girls are accounted for, each and every sun kissed beauty. It's like looking down at the beach, white sand and brown goddesses everywhere, and I'm providing the shade. Hey, look at that bite it's come up in a beautiful maroon heart shape. You're so lovely my dappled beauty ... Do you star bathe in space?"


Pinching she says, "You'd have to star bathe in the nude to have freckles there."

"Yes ok, in the nude." Evet giggles and wriggles under Gaunia's ministrations.

"Dirty girl, I think I may have found the soft underbelly of the Star Fraction. Baby, why do you strap everything on so tight?"

"Each theatre has its own operational requirements. Part of it is to look like the rest of the team. That's an inevitable consequence of an absence of rank of course."

"bull****, petit, that's pure evasion."

"... a fear of falling?".

Smiling down straddling her, she holds Evet's upturned head and bends sliding her tongue between Evet's lips, only to quickly pull away saying,

"... that's better, I believe in your fear, that's something I can help you with, but all that gear will slow you down, don't you know how important it is to dictate range?"

"As important as retaining journalistic objectivity?"

"Don't go imagining that your pretty mauve lingerie will compromise my integrity.", she says rolling over, beginning to collect her clothing.

"by the way I'm keeping these, call them a trophy.",

"No, you can't!"

She puts Evet's camisole in an elegant calfskin clutch. She finds a stocking and rolls it up her leg, turns and asks, "You sleep with a lot of strangers, ey petit?"

"Standard strategic protocol obliges us to cultivate a close relationship with non-embedded media ... all the people I sleep with are strange, unique, diverse, existentially distinct, united by their need to find or create meaning, understanding and solidarity."

Evet Morrel
Jericho Fraction
The Star Fraction
Posted - 2011.08.28 19:23:00 - [2]

Edited by: Evet Morrel on 30/08/2011 09:34:39
"You're a poppet. A typical star fraction ploy, turning a tricky question into an opportunity to propagandise."

"Ok pumpkin, I like to sleep with a lot of people I've only just met, happy?"

"I suppose I should have expected that. Your background is bound to leave its mark."

"If it turns you on, but it makes you my trick."

"It was you that made intimacy a precondition to further questions. Consider your answer carefully, I have a duty to my readers."

"Are my proclivities really that news worthy here?"

"Haven't you heard I'm syndicated all over the cluster ..."

"Certainly I obtained sex by offering you something irresistible, but. ...". Evet adopts the flat uninflected tone of officialdom," Scope denies arranging, managing or assisting said, and maintains that 'the representative' - that's you darling ...", she says 'darling' with disarming warmth, putting her finger on Gaunia's chin looking at her exquisite lips, "... known to be addressed by a person who belongs or professes to belong to the proscribed organisation - which would be me - has never been in the employ of Scope; or words to that effect."

"You should know that it's the working girls who take all the risks, pimps are such shy creatures."

She looks up at Gaunia, half a foot taller and ten years her senior, and adds quietly,

".. Gaunia darling I really needed this."

Gaunia pulls Evet to her and kisses her, then she says, "I want to be here too, but we really must get this interview finished so we can have a serious talk about those needs of yours",

"... yes I want that, but you can't if you aren't here, and you aren't are you. All that is going to make 'us' difficult?", Evet replies.

Smiling, "Your right, we discovered this data anonymously via a deceased informant. Of course my conscience compelled me to make it available in the interest of national security; as the only morally defendable course of action."

Turning towards the bathroom, "It'll be tricky, but hey we'll find a way. In any case you've so much more to tell me. I want to hear more about your youth, it would be very wrong to conceal your salacious background. You'll tell me everything eventually you know.", she adds with a wink, closing the door to the on suite.

Later, at the desk standing in the centre of the state room, they sit facing each other as they had the night before, against the crystal carbide minarets of New Satellite City Ellmay.

Gaunia activates the camera drone with a point towards Evet.

Evet replies, recalling Gaunia's last statement in which she expressed her incredulity,


Evet: "What is or isn't possible, whether we raise a revolutionary spirit, depends on the reception of our prefigurative action. That is to say the interaction between our direct action in space, as the vanguard of the movement, and our activity planet-side which is catalytic. In general our interventions redirect economic power away from capital towards small scale decentralised markets, towards small producers in the hands of affinity groups, spokes and trade councils or convergence centres. We will also provide technical assistance in the negotiation of favourable off-world contracts. With regard to the latter, organisationally we have many competing strategies operating simultaneously, horizontally, each with its own criteria. This is not disunity but a response to state concentration, we aim to disrupt and confuse centralised control with a maze of fragmentation. What is or isn't possible then depends on the prevailing material conditions."

Gaunia: "I might want to return to this, but for now let's leave planet side where it is and talk about the Fraction's activities in space."

Evet: "Operational security, is of course of paramount importance so you'll find me intransigent when it comes to specifics."

Gaunia: "Wouldn't it be more candid to admit that you're not privy to these 'specifics'."

Evet Morrel
Jericho Fraction
The Star Fraction
Posted - 2011.08.28 19:25:00 - [3]

Edited by: Evet Morrel on 30/08/2011 23:38:12

Evet: "Your readers will believe what they like, but our direction is openly discussed and voted upon, and within certain constitutional limits open. That's how we ensure collective accountability."

Gaunia: "Ok, I don't really want to talk about democracy within the Fraction. Let's return to how the Fraction is generally regarded. I've heard you maintain, at length, that the Fraction is neither a pirate nor a terrorist organisation, and yet you're generally labeled, the common enemy, thugs and the like?"

Evet: "A concord representative might take issue, pointing out that this pilot has never had a negative security status. In fact there have been only a couple of times that she's killed a pilot in space without having either been aggressed first, or in the alternative, and in accordance with the terms of the Yulai convention, having first declared war against the pilot's corporation. In fact while in the Star Fraction she's never attacked a pilot that wasn't flagged as belonging to a hostile entity. All such entities having been informed of their status at least 24 hours before hand."

Evet stops to take a sip from her glass, raising a finger to protest interruption.

Evet: "That's both a provisional and a disingenuous answer of course, but one that must be accepted as satisfactory, unless one wants to look more closely at law as the administration of appropriation, guaranteeing the right of future access to a valued resource. Incidentally I also include asset denial under the rubric of appropriation, even where the actors are beyond incrimination such as is the case; in war, capital punishment, and imprisonment."

Gaunia: "Disingenuous, right! I think we can all feel the wrongness of a law that fails to stop people taking our stuff; that's the point of law? But the point you are trying to make, is completely lost on me."

Evet: "While you've heard pilots describe Yulai as venal, what they're failing to recognise is that this law is typical of law. I would say, radically typical. It exposes the roots of law as appropriation. This is based on a belief in the structures of a rights based, or a worthiness based model, that supports hierarchy, stratification and distributive and participatory inequality."

Gaunia: "Some would call that a meritocracy. Which, without state support, would return quickly to primitive scarcity."

Evet: "Many do of course, but there are alternatives to primitive scarcity. However, you'd have to be blinkered not to realise that suffering varies with access to the valued resources I'm speaking of. It is also a fact that our technological environment can provide for post-scarcity conditions, but the potentialities are neither realised nor allowed politically. It's not the alleviation of scarcity and injustice which requires colossal centralised state control, rather it is in the interests of political and economic elites."

Gaunia: "Who are these elites if not the most creative and capable people in society."

Evet: "The ruling dynasties, the oligarchy."

Gaunia: "... why not both?"

Evet: "My point is this: law legitimises the denial of future access to resources that aren't immediately needed by those who've claimed them. To do so it depends on institutions for the administration and enforcement of those claims. This needs to be paid for out of the surplus it secures for those who's aims it protects, which is no great surprise. In this instance it serves them and pays for itself, ironically when it's not enforced. However, the upshot is the same. There is the perpetuation of suffering to the extent that there's a commitment to the structure of appropriation, rather than to revolution as a continuous process promoting both the sovereignty of each, and the unity of all."

Evet Morrel
Jericho Fraction
The Star Fraction
Posted - 2011.08.28 19:28:00 - [4]

Edited by: Evet Morrel on 30/08/2011 23:35:16

Gaunia: "Very pretty, but that explanation runs completely contrary to my understanding of the rule of law."

Evet: "Tell it to those that fall foul of legal and jurisdictional technicalities, time limits, those bankrupted by cases that last decades, or the billions that can't afford representation. Nevertheless, the vagaries of law will depend less on the local flavour of democratic centralism than on the advance of capital accumulation. I hope, however, that you'll admit, we can't be labeled outlaws, not by any conventional usage of that term. As to whether we're pirates is another question, if it is to be considered as distinct from outlaw. If so then it asks a slightly different question about the relationship between the individual and the state."

Gaunia: "Semantics Evet."

Evet: "Before the imposition of 'concord' the link between the ambition of empire, imperialism, and profitable violence was conventional and dictated by their strategic objectives, their foreign policy: the result of mercenary politics and mercantilism. Today, licensed privateers are entailed into state militia. Letters of Marque and Reprisal are so easily obtained that the category can neither exclude the bandit, nor the informant. The result are militia that are on the whole completely infiltrated and without credibility. They are a confusion of privateers, bandits, mercenaries, security services, exile groups and private armies. Thus the term pirate has loosely come to refer to rules of engagement, that regard attacks on neutral shipping as acceptable regardless of their standings with whichever state."

Gaunia: "I think you might be saying that the militia are in fact pirates!"

Evet: "I'm saying that the term has no real currency, that an entity's rules of engagement are a better descriptor, but even these are largely useless. You only have to look out of an aperture to see these 'so called' security services wagging the dog, this leads inevitably to absurdist internecine conflict."

Gaunia: "That's a cynical view, you clearly have no appreciation of duty. Pirates are a blight to the legitimate businessman and therefore a threat to law, order and prosperity."

Evet: "Nonsense, pirates legitimise the apparatus without really threatening anything. The real blight is Empire, it's responsible for the horrors of the permanent war economy they call faction war. The contested systems flip sovereignty, rather than seek independence and balkanise as one would expect. For the inhabitance there is no refuge, it's total war under occupation by first one then the other nationalist junta, back and forth. This is the horror of a conception of war uncoupled from history, meaningless, endless. The legal apparatus of Empire creates a set of reversible transformations, in a vain attempt to extend its longevity."

Gaunia: "What in hell is that nonsense supposed to mean?"

Evet: "It means an increasing contradiction between the people, the inhabitance of these contested worlds, and the legal and institutional superstructure. Destroying huge material and human resources, which is the point I think. A permanent war economy is also a permanent arms economy. That's political terror by any ordinary definition. Which is why Placid is of such interest to me at the moment."


Evet Morrel
Jericho Fraction
The Star Fraction
Posted - 2011.08.30 23:37:00 - [5]

(( apologies but you may have noticed that at the end of each section the reply in the next didn't seem to follow. I sniped them accidentally. Anyway fixed now I hope.))


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