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Solj RichPopolous
Templars of Space
Northern Associates.
Posted - 2011.08.28 12:39:00 - [1]

Have posted in several other threads wanted to get some feedback on the concept.

Idea: Local becomes delayed like wormholes.

D-Scan is revamped to operate like a real radar system, has greater range (25 or 35 au??) or could stay the same with skills to increase it maybe through some sort of scouting type skillset and auto-scans every 3 seconds.
D-Scan also gets the option to scan by either AUs or KMs. No more having to do quick math and type 1,350,000,000 KM in to scan a 9 AU circle for example.
D-Scan no longer uses overview settings and has its own customizable filters and tabs.

Some kind of IDing system is created to determine friendlies.
- Corporations, alliances, and players with good standings appear with either a + (under a standings column) or the scan signature is highlighted in some color such as blue or both. Maybe also an option to broadcast player name to friendlies?

- Some kind of new rig, module, or skills are created that will allow D-Scan to detect a cloaked ship but can not determine standings or ship type. Maybe an option is given that allows a cloaked ship to broadcast itself to people with good standing using the method above to determine what ships are friendly?

It will be harder for D-Scan to detect a cloaked ship (3 AU?) making them very viable for scouting without being detected by non-cloaked ships since they can scan max range while staying out of detection radius. In example a cloaked ship wants to keep tabs on a station in a system so he cloaks 5 au off of it to avoid being detected by hostiles while being able to do intel gathering without alerting anyone. Possible introduction of skills for ships to increase their cloaked ship D-scan detection range.

- Possible introduction of a new probe which sole purpose is to be able to determine if there are cloaked ships in its range but CAN NOT probe the ships down. Unsure of a range for the probe but should be VERY limited maybe 3-4 AU with there being a skill to launch 1 probe per level with a max out of 5.

A good use for which would be to form a safety net around groups running anomalies, plexes, or mining. Would require operator to be attentive and constantly rescanning. Results would not appear in D-scan and would take the same amount of time to scan as normal probe operation.

This would remove local and make D-Scan very useful for gathering intel but would require work to gain said intel and someone wouldn't be able to jump into a system and automatically know who all is there.

Critiques and comments?


This thread is older than 90 days and has been locked due to inactivity.


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