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Vin Hellsing
Posted - 2011.08.31 07:50:00 - [91]

Originally by: Ciar Meara
Originally by: Vin Hellsing
We discussed this earlier in the thread. Seriously, don't post if you're not going to read the thread. I provided useful clarifications that are worth looking at.

Seriously, fanboy much? I do not hate CCP, nor do I hate EVE but some sceptism is called for these days and somebody making a valid remark concerning the lack of focus by CCP on their flagship (and only active) product is not out of place.

Concerning the new nebulae, CCP is working on some region spanning nebulae that would be visible through whole regions, changing depending on your orientation towards them from the different solarsystems. They would be ment to create a more "cohesive" feel when traveling as now most system have just random "backgrounds".

I myself still love eve, was waiting with anticipation on ambulation/incarna but was left sorely dissapointed in the way it was brought forward. I keep gettign disaapointed witht he way CCP these days handle their main business which is EVE ONLINE. I am likely to play DUST 514 and even buy a ps3 for it, I even check out the dust 514 page daily. What I don't do is accept any explantion on face value these days. soonTM has been used a bit to much for that.

I would like to ask if there will be an update to the blogs concerning the 0.0 winter expansion with all the feedback that has been given on the "ideas and disucssion thread" currently with all the different topics its quite difficult to keep up with the proposed changes, ideas and perhaps implemented ideas on the design of the new 0.0 ideas.

Also, Faction warfare has some similar complaints with 0.0 (shooting structures, risk versus rewards, etc) can some of these solutions be ported over?

An update on the progress of the art departement or a blog about what they currently have on their plate would be nice. Also: Pirate CQ's, awesome, although I am a little surprised they hadn't thought about it, it has been raised by many people on threads acros the forum.

All of these issues are best submitted as separate questions. I hope to do a third Q&A with CCP - right now, there is a new mailing list ingame that I've established for this purpose. Join it by clicking on your EveMail inbox, and then clicking on "Add Mailing List". In the dialog box that appears, type "The Parley".

You will then gain access to the mailing list, and given a welcome message. Inside that welcome message are instructions on how to submit your questions to the Q&A's.

Regarding the question about a devblog covering the winter update, I'm guessing it will probably come out sometime this Fall in advance of the finalized changes.

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This thread is older than 90 days and has been locked due to inactivity.


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