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Xiomara Solaris
Posted - 2011.08.27 20:43:00 - [1]

Ok so I've gotta a lot of IGMs about Etaine's Logs. Most of them are questions about what they are about and why I started them. Others are from the few people that understand them and most of those are praise. There are some haters but that is bound to happen when you write something. I started EL after my first wormhole encounter with a few Emergent Patrollers and I, being a natural Kick First Ask Questions Later kind of girl(a Nub), attacked them and got my rear(idk if I can say ass, an I say ass?) handed to me. I was like that sux butt, and it made me butthurt for a couple minutes(I lost my first Vexor). I started thinking bout the way they communicate and what they are doing all the way out here. That inspired me to write a stupid but interesting(to me, I didn't care if anyone liked it) little storyish thingy about a Sleeper Command Drone. I figured it would be even cooler if it was from the drone's point of view. It made sense that the drones would use the sleeper OS to operate and a programmed language packet to speak with each other like a computer to a printer. I use the command prompt like in a computer to record the logs. I actually made a program that remembers the language feeds for me and I just have to hit "sent order" and input the info in the blank. That way I don't have to remember that # is a response and { is a message Etaine has received and that stuff, it literally took like 1 minute to write and its so crappy and basic I'm surprised it works right. You should notice right away that Etaine is different than other drones and you will see that even more as the story continues(I plan on writing it for a while whether people like it or not because now I want to know where this is going. I literally know like nothing about whats going to happen next until I am sitting down typing it out, I have nothing planned.) The logs will get longer and more complicated but the people that understand them now wont have a problem with it later on. I will be using real Corps and Alliances in all my stories including ELs so If you want yours in some then let me know via IGM. The first one I used in EL.1 was 7TSC, my Corp, and that was my Vex that was blown up(as you know Vexors don't fire missiles so lets just say I had a "Special" Ship. It was for effect.) I love wormhole surfing and now that I can hold my own against the first two waves I plan on doing more wave-work. If you want to talk IGM me and we'll see what happens, I like meeting new people, I flew out like 30 something boring jumps the other day to chill out with some people that are Corp friends, only to do one L4 mission and head back(won't jump that far again though). Well thanks for reading my rant and I hope this sheds a little light on ELs and it will be nice to read any new people that IGM me. BByee Shocked


This thread is older than 90 days and has been locked due to inactivity.


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