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Posted - 2011.08.26 19:25:00 - [1]

Edited by: GRIMSL33P3R on 26/08/2011 19:56:07
I need to know which of these are more powerful... -7900gtx old card but was the **** back in the day still play eve good till my mobo died
or should i invest in this newer i know don't anything about video cards so im asking the people of eve to help me out , if there isn't much difference i wont bother buying the newer one.

p.s I don't have money to burn please don't suggest higher priced video cards

Cpt Placeholder
Posted - 2011.08.26 20:32:00 - [2]

The 7900 GTX will be way better.

Republic Military School
Posted - 2011.08.26 20:41:00 - [3]

Trains keep on rolling, trolls keep on trolling.

Trixi IFI
Posted - 2011.08.26 21:28:00 - [4]

The 7900GTX will be the better performer but it really needs to be said that they're both terrible; especially with the newer content.

Save an extra $30 and pickup a Radeon 6570. The Difference will be night and day. With those older cards you'll miss out on a lot that makes this game great.

Posted - 2011.08.26 21:29:00 - [5]


This thread is older than 90 days and has been locked due to inactivity.


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