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Posted - 2011.08.26 12:33:00 - [1]

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In the name of full disclosure, I don't own one yet but am working towards one. Been doing a lot of reading about SCs and watching all the feedback on nul changes. Had a few things run through my head, and wanted to see how often they may have already been mentioned. Search function here just doesn't make it.


Idea - Turn SCs back in Motherships. Accomplish this by including the "Supercarrier/Mothership" skillbook. Each level of SC allows 2 more fitting/launch bays for other pilots in up to cruiser-class hulls. Nerfing of fighterbombers in some form would probably have to go along with this. Let's say six max and nothing but FBs may launch from MS(no drones or fighters).

Corp bay could carry up to 10 packaged cruisers and mods/rigs/ammo for replacement purposes.

Clone bay holds 1 clone each from up to 10 pilots(SC skill level in pairs).

Pilot Hangers hold plugs, 'wires, ammo, etc.

Each MS forms its own squadron in any fleet, with the MS as leader. Only ships launched from that MS may join that squadron.

Racial bonuses given to all ships assigned to/launched from that MS(on-grid only). Drone bonus on 10 squid cruisers would be nice.

So each MS could carry up to 10 cruisers and their pilots into battle, as well as give refitting/replacement and clone services. Make them like movable mini-stations and nerf their direct damage potential.

Hotdrop and launch 10 cruisers(or frig/dessie/cruiser combo) and a half-dozen FBs. Looks like a nice group to me.


TL;DR - Give Supercarriers ability to carry up to 10 real pilots and their cruisers instead of wad-o-FBs.



This thread is older than 90 days and has been locked due to inactivity.


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