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Maltese Corto
Posted - 2011.08.26 12:07:00 - [1]

Edited by: Maltese Corto on 26/08/2011 12:07:02
Hello there!

most of the day i'm in contact with portable computers and installing eve on them doesn't make much sense because the computers are rather old and with low-end graphic cards so i run eve at home on my desktop pc and conect to it using a remote desktop software, just to check how much money i have, where am i in space and sometimes set it to fly accross the universe...

my idea is to create a lightweight eve client (i wouldn't need GUI at all, command line interface would be more than enough for me) wich would allow me select a ship, dock/undock and set destination to another system and activate auto-pilot... that's all that i would need at the moment.. in future versions it would be great if we could get access to corp chat, eve market, contracts etc but ok if not but..

what does ccp think about this? can it be done within 2mb of hard disk space?

Posted - 2011.08.26 18:38:00 - [2]

CCP's announced solution, EVE Gate in a browser, seems preferable. In particular, being able to do all that regardless of whether I am using a phone, tablet, friend/work/public computer will be very, very, very nice.
Originally by: Saul Perry

From CCP hammer, in reference to the skill queue in EVE:

"Yes, we intend to put skill queue functionality and many other in-game features onto EVE Gate."

CCP Priya DevBlog Our plan is to eventually offer everything on EVE Gate that you can do in game apart from explorations in space and blowing stuff up.

Posted - 2011.08.27 08:30:00 - [3]

2 MB of space? what are you trying to run this on?
as to the client. maybe make a version of the client that can be installed on removable media? a 4 GB thumbdrive is bloody cheap these days.


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