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Riveting Tale Sibling
Posted - 2011.08.25 23:29:00 - [1]

Fellow Trolls/Players,

In the past few weeks, we've seen CCP speculate wildly about one-year plans, two-year plans, five-year plans, and oops-maybe-next-year plans. The recent extolling upon the expansion of the virtues of null security space, and the underwhelming Devblog only drive the current problems deeper, like an infected splinter.
Once again, we see CCP planning blindly for the future, while remaining blissfully ignorant of the present. There are issues in Incarna - deep-seeded issues which have yet to be addressed. What we, ourselves, are witnessing is more of the same from CCP. I'll quickly list a few to remind you of things that may or may not be coming SOON™.

    -Fixes To LowSec

    -Fixes To Faction Warfare

    -The Return Of Ship Spinning

    -POS Permission Fixes

    -Better Information From CCP

    -A Commitment To Excellence

These are just a few of the things that we've been told were being looked into.

This does not even begin to address the massive UI problems introduced with Incarna.

I am asking CCP to hold to their word. Commit to excellence, and focus on improving the things you have told us you would improve. Don't simply rush into yet another plan meant to change the game drastically while the game is still in it's current state.

From a personal point of view, I am a forumwarrior - and also a player. I am a subscriber, and therefore, I am also a supporter of Crowd Control Productions. As a supporter, there are times when I must put the mantle of "forum trolling" aside
and instead use what little voice I have to try and bring sense to all of this.

Thanks for your time.

Your Local Forumtroll/Player/Paid Subscriber/Supporter,

R. T. Sibling

Riveting Tale Sibling
Posted - 2011.08.25 23:34:00 - [2]

Supporting my own petition. You know, just to invite the flames.

Nariya Kentaya
Coalition Of Gentlemen.

Posted - 2011.08.26 19:39:00 - [3]

IMO, CCP doesnt want to work on alot fo these things because it requires "work".

but from what i've seen alot of the problems in the game overlap, and fixing them in a better order then they are "claiming" to be looking at them might work in reducing the overall workload. but instead of sitting abck and looking at what needs to be done NOW, they seem to be procrastinating the hell out of anything seriously broken...

just an IMO though, and i wont be checking this thread again, so don't bother trolling me, troll the guy above.

Caldari Provisions
Posted - 2011.08.26 22:08:00 - [4]

There is already a big thread about it, no need to make new one

Posted - 2011.08.27 00:16:00 - [5]

First off, how did you not notice the thread in this forum with almost the exact same name as this one? Or did you just want to feel special and start a thread of your own covering almost exactly the same topics?

When you refer to 'fixes' for LowSec/Faction warfare, exactly what are you referring to? What kind of 'fixes'? Thats extremely vague.

Ship spinning would be nice again, but Id much rather see supercap nerfs, or mining becoming worthwhile again, or about 100 other aspects of the game addressed before this is.

As for 'better information' or 'commitment to excellence', again those are very vague.

If you don't have time to present a specific proposal for any of these, please don't just post a generic complaining thread, as this does absolutely nothing to help things. Saying "fix it" without saying WHAT about it you want to see fixed is rather idiotic and resembles the beauty pageant women who say they want 'world peace' without presenting even a single intelligent idea about how to accomplish such task.

Riveting Tale Sibling
Posted - 2011.08.27 02:16:00 - [6]

Hey, what a coincidence. I *did* notice the thread once someone pointed me in the right direction.

Next time you criticize, please, use your words - and maybe a bit of punctuation.


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