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Thgil Goldcore
Posted - 2011.09.04 18:05:00 - [151]

No issues where raised in your previous post. Simply assumptions about me, my intentions, and my beliefs that simply are not true. Its easy to make a straw-man argument about someone who has proven to be nothing more than a straw-man.

Faith kills fear. Any fear I feel is for the safety and well being of my servants. I truly hope and expect slavery in the empire to slowly come to a close in within the next two decades or so. The Empire is preparing itself from within for all the new Amarrians (I do mean the slaves) to be welcomed into society. Educating and preparing ones servants is the most productive way to achieve this. Not all servants will be ready and they will need additional preparation for this time.

Further, slaves being integrated into the Empire is not because freedom is neat... It's because many have proven themselves worthy. The Minmatar people are not inferior (many qualities I believe as superior). They deserve better than the Republic or the Federation. Contrary to popular belief I do not fear the end of slavery... I will embrace it when that time is right.

As I said... I do seek empathy and understanding for the value of freedom. Why? I have stated a few reasons, all of which are still true...

I do want the best for my slaves and if there is some element of freedom that can hold true to my values and be beneficial. Anything that will make my servants better is alright in my book.

With how much blood I have split in defending my land, I feel as if I need to understand why. I do desire a logical reasoning why people would find freedom so valuable to attempt such vile things against the Empire. I hate the idea of mindlessly killing over someone do to hate so I want to understand more about what I am fighting. (As a note I have never done an aggressive attack against either the republic or the federation. I have defended my lands from invaders whom sought to kill the Empire IN Empire space).

Perhaps when the improvements to the IGS in the coming week I should have a tell all about myself and my slaves.

Ston Momaki
Disciples of Ston
Posted - 2011.09.04 22:27:00 - [152]

Originally by: Thgil Goldcore
First, before I begin, let me make a brief statement about what I hope to accomplish here. My goal is to seek understanding and empathy; not cause an argument or insult anyone. However I can only speak from my point of view, which to many I could imagine, may be inflammatory. So, with that said, lets dig into the real meat of the matter.

Throughout my life there has been one concept which seems to elude me. What is freedom and what is its value. On a intellectual level I can clearly understand it, self determination and ability to chose what one does with their life. However this concept holds very little weight to me. I see every day republic and federation forces fighting, killing, and toiling their entire lives to bring freedom to perfectly happy people. Freedom, to them, must be worth more than happiness or even their lives. I cannot grasp why this could be.

Now I can understand the will to be free from a dangerous or harmful situation. In the case of slavery I hear of isolated cases of abuse and torture to slaves. In these extreme, and to my knowledge rare, cases freedom is equatable to life and happiness (two concepts with obvious weight). Also I certainly understand the need to have a free mind. Such luxury that the Nation delights in robbing people of. In both these cases freedom is directly equatable to well-being.

So I ask you for your thoughts on the value of freedom. I'm not interested in arguments telling me to release my slaves or such. I am interested in what it means to someone who finds value in it, preferably in a quantifiable manner.

Thank you for your time and I wish you good health and God's blessing.

Lets review what Ms. Goldcore's stated goals were for this thread at what flows from them.
1. Her goal is to seek understanding and empathy of the value of freedom
2. Intellectually she clearly understands it as self determination and ability to choose what one does with their life. so
3. Her goal is to seek empathetic understanding (not intellectual understanding) of the value of self determination and ability to choose what one does with their own life.
4. She understands happiness as distinct from freedom and a different value. so...
5. It remains that she seeks to experience empathy for the value of freedom from those who value it. (quote: "I am interested in what it means to someone who finds value in it.")
6. Empathy means to share within the struggle of another. To have empathy for someone who values freedom means to enter into the struggle, suffering, passion, emotions, etc for self determination and the ability to choose what they do with their life.
7. Empathy is stronger than sympathy it is more involved and personal.
8. I have been accused of emotional projection. Let's grant that for a moment for arguments sake. If you want empathy, you have to accept and enter into the emotional projections of others. They become your own in empathy.
9. Empathy, by definition, always involves some extent of shared emotion.
10. Apart from sharing the emotion of someone who values freedom, there is no empathy.

Ms Goldcore, do you have empathy for those who value freedom? You sought a quantifiable experience, right? Have you been able to quantify your emotions in your interaction on this thread? Do you value your own personal self determination? Do you feel for others who struggle for self determination? (empathy)

Would you rather retract your original stated purpose and not pursue empathy?

Thgil Goldcore
Posted - 2011.09.05 01:43:00 - [153]

I believe you will notice I display quite a bit of interest and respond appropriately to anyone who was on topic.

I can't deal with it anymore... Ston... I don't think I can take the making up points that don't exsis't, inability to construct an argument or reason within the bounds of one, and absolute disregard for any point but your own. I'm going to ask again... contribute or leave.

Manwe Todako
Disciples of Ston
Posted - 2011.09.05 02:13:00 - [154]

Edited by: Manwe Todako on 05/09/2011 02:14:23

Ston Momaki
Disciples of Ston
Posted - 2011.09.05 02:16:00 - [155]

My apologies, Ms. Goldcore
I take my leave.
The Disciples of Ston bid you peace

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