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Posted - 2011.08.24 18:52:00 - [1]

So. I want to do pvp, generally in small gangs or in fleets with my alliance. I like minmatar ships, so I'm planning to fly those.

I'm intending to assemble a personal fleet of ships from frigate to battleship size, so I'm looking for inputs on that. I'm a semi-new player, so this is more a long-term aim than anything. I sorta kinda know what I'm doing, but I'm running this by people here first.
T1 only, because pvp needs cheap and disposable things, and because the BPOs aren't like hen's teeth.

Rifter (obviously): Standard zippy AC frigate. Buffer-tanked, because if anything can catch me, no amount of shield booster will help. Likely a shield buffer to free up low slots for gank mods, resists over extenders because of sig radius. What rigs, and what size of guns? And is a mwd/AB good for gang and fleet work, or just solo?

Burst: Sacrificial cyno ship. Fit will probably be the cyno generator itself, and as much resist and buffer as I can cram into the thing in the hope that it'll survive long enough for someone to jump to it. Worth using any resists on it at all?

Slasher: High-speed meat courier. Resists, mwd, AB, and maybe a warp core stab. Basically, it'll be for moving me through low and null, without being blown up and podded. Because I hate that. Intention is to fit it for speed and low sig radius. Good idea? Bad idea?

Destroyer (Yeah, I know they tend to suck, but I like the thrasher.):
Thrasher: Arty to make use of bonuses, armour tank. MWD, warp disruptor, webber. More of a surprise than anything else. Seven turrets means high alpha, and being able to stop frigates dead and pop them in one or two volleys should be worth something. Any way to make it viable?

Rupture: Armour tank, ACs, neuts, It's a solid ship, it's worked well with my mission fit, and I'm confident in how I can fly the thing. Worth making an arty fit as well?

Hurricane: Shield buffer, ACs, scram and web. Basically a standard fleet cane, maybe with a few modifications.
I also want to try and work with an armour tank for use with different logistics, and an arty fit. Broadly similar, though.

Alpha mael. Artillery, range, power, and buffer tank. Basically meant to do the maximum amount of damage it can possibly do to things. Ships, structures, whatever. Will I even be able to fit a full rack of 1400s with damage rigs without having to sacrifice low slots to PDUs?
I fly an AC mael for lv4 missions. Are they ever used in fleet ops, or does the arty win out?

Nocturnal Avenger
Sebiestor Tribe
Posted - 2011.08.24 21:31:00 - [2]

Go get some actual pvp experience instead of making a pvp fleet.
Remember to update your clone when needed :)


This thread is older than 90 days and has been locked due to inactivity.


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