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Heima Lottery
Posted - 2011.08.23 22:30:00 - [1]

Edited by: heimacho on 23/08/2011 22:36:04
Heima Lottery

Starting up a Orca lottery. entery fee will be 5 mill a ticket.

Send ticket payment to heimacho with reason orca1. Any mistake transfer will be refunded. This is my corps first lottery and want to make a name for myself in this, so i will only use the secure way. it will be somer secured and will use Dice for rolls.

Ticket Traceing is found at:

Roll will be found at :

The lottery will be running until all tickets are sold.

Feel free to join my public channel for a chat or just to hang out Heima lotto.

Bonus of 50 mill isk will be given to the last person that bumps thread last time after drawing is completed.
Another bonus will be given on 30 mill if the winning character have my corp linked in bio at the time hes annouced winner.

Wish you all good luck on the lotto.

Somerset Mahm
Somer's Omnibus Exploration and Reclamation
Cognitive Distortion
Posted - 2011.08.24 04:33:00 - [2]

Please visit your user settings to re-enable images.

Posting to confirm that we currently hold this lottery's prizes in escrow. In the event of any issues, SOMER guarantees the prizes will be awarded!

Prize is an Orca.

SOMER Lotteries will provide ticket tracking for this lottery. We are in possession of the lottery holder's full API key.

Need your lottery or other trade secured? Check out SOMER Escrow. High-quality service cheaper than the competition. Third-party and lottery ticket services all in one.

Heima Lottery
Posted - 2011.08.24 14:21:00 - [3]


Hor Hounds
Posted - 2011.08.24 14:54:00 - [4]

sign me up for 2 tickets. Won last one you had so hopeing for another one:D

And yeah bump:D

Ikibe Ocko
Ocko Enterprises
Posted - 2011.08.24 16:07:00 - [5]

I'll buy a few. I've been looking to add an Orca to my small fleet for some time now... I hope I win.Wink

Oh yeah... bump.Very Happy

Heima Lottery
Posted - 2011.08.24 16:34:00 - [6]

hope you win then. If not blame Dice:p just have to wait and see. but ofc i wish all my players best of luck. I will be hosting more when i get this running. so keep check back on Heima lotto (public channel)

Hor Hounds
Posted - 2011.08.24 17:31:00 - [7]

only sad thing is that i will take home th winning:D muhahaha.. well its atleast what i hope for:P

Posted - 2011.08.24 17:36:00 - [8]

I'd rather win a real life lottery, but an Orca would make a fine consolation prize.Wink

Slate Geten
Posted - 2011.08.24 18:32:00 - [9]

Tickets! I love tickets!

(Just got 2 of them)

Heima Lottery
Posted - 2011.08.24 18:35:00 - [10]

Yeah i saw it updated itself too right now.. Thx for buying and good luck in the drawing:D

Bruce Mogul
Posted - 2011.08.24 19:03:00 - [11]

Edited by: Bruce Mogul on 24/08/2011 19:04:46
Sign me up for 4! Ima gonna wins dis!

Bumper Cars!!!

Posted - 2011.08.24 20:43:00 - [12]

Grats on the corp heima.. Good luck on lottery.. sign me up for a few will ya? friendly bump here before bed time

la Armer
Posted - 2011.08.25 04:49:00 - [13]


Heima Lottery
Posted - 2011.08.25 10:23:00 - [14]

Still more tickets. Get them while its hot.

Posted - 2011.08.25 17:49:00 - [15]

friendly bump.. and sign me up for 3 tickets pls:D

Heima Lottery
Posted - 2011.08.25 22:50:00 - [16]

Still more tickets that you can grab.

Hor Hounds
Posted - 2011.08.26 14:50:00 - [17]

come one guys buy more.. i want to win this thing:D

Ikibe Ocko
Ocko Enterprises
Posted - 2011.08.27 03:12:00 - [18]

Edited by: Ikibe Ocko on 27/08/2011 06:30:09
I just bought another one. I'd love to get an Orca... I've wanted one for a while now. Let's not forget to bump.Wink

The 8roker
Posted - 2011.08.28 21:00:00 - [19]

Got mine

Gabriel Armaturius
Posted - 2011.08.29 03:32:00 - [20]

Hmmmm maybe I should buy one

Max Tokila
Posted - 2011.08.29 12:58:00 - [21]

2 tix plz, and bump Cool

Bruce Mogul
Posted - 2011.09.01 16:06:00 - [22]

Might buy another one...bumper cars

Skye Haussmann
Posted - 2011.09.09 03:54:00 - [23]

No updates to ticket page?


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