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Posted - 2011.08.23 21:27:00 - [1]

Okay, so since two night ago, i can no longer stay connected to Eve server with the client. I can log in, and sit and do nothing for almost as long as i want. But as soon as i click anything that would require the client to grab data from server...disconnect. And it is happening on all my pc's, so i would doubt it would be a corrupt file...

Any ideas?

(good thing i HAD an 8 day skill in que...)

Zaisen Abarai
Posted - 2011.08.25 20:56:00 - [2]

I've probably had several hundreds of disconnects and problems keeping the connection alive since Incarna launched, the only thing that has helped so far to keep my client connected is Hotspot Shield, a VPN tunneling app that also brings tons of advertising to your browser(s), though it's possible to block most of the junk.

It's a shame of course to be forced onto such apps, but clearly there are ISP's/gateways out there that do not let CCP's EVE related traffic pass through properly.

Personally I have tried switching between routers & various router settings, fiddled with firewalls, changed EVE ports, ran repair tools, done fresh installs, investigated my ISP for traffic shaping, etc. Nothing worked. But Hotspot Shield kept it alive. Damn shame really...

Try it if all else fails.


This thread is older than 90 days and has been locked due to inactivity.


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