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Posted - 2011.08.22 19:04:00 - [1]

I think a revamp of the bounty system would be a measurable increase to the universe of Eve, and I envision it this way.

You register as a bounty hunter with concord for 20 million isk every 30 days. This gives you access to a private mailing list by which people can employ your services, and the "bounty hunter network" where you can pay (Bribe) people to find your marks, kind of like an advanced locator service. You can also set up a sort of profile, saying I only work in this area, or setting a minimum-maximum isk value you'll work for.

When someone wants to put a bounty on someone else's head, they go to the bounty office and are given a list of the top bounty hunters in their region, or they can choose the top bounty hunters from all regions and find one who they think will get the job done. You would be given metrics like total isk value destroyed, success to failure ratio, and last 10 ships destroyed for bounty (battleclinic could also be used for this but not everyone knows about that or posts on battleclinic).

You would also be able to let the system randomly choose a bounty hunter in the price range you set. The system would choose a hunter and send them a bounty contract, but if they dont respond in a certain amount of time, it moves to another hunter.

When you choose a bounty hunter, youre given a list of choices to make:
Length of contract
Price of the contract
Remain Anonymous (you would appear as client X to the hunter so he couldnt give you up)
Terms of the contract
  • You can demand their pod

  • You can set a certain amount of isk destroyed based on base value

you could also attach kill rights if you had it available.

I was also thinking that you could register as a bounty hunting corporation or alliance, able to take bounties on other corporations or alliances. This would make hiring mercenaries more organized, and would add an interesting angle to politics being able to stay anonymous and thus "neutral" but still support one side by hiring mercenaries.

The Blue Dagger Mercenery Agency
Posted - 2011.08.23 01:33:00 - [2]

Why not have Concord play a role in the bounty system?

You can open the bounty office in a station and see a list of available characters with contracts on their head. The bounty list would update on a daily basis. The bounty hunter selects his targets. He can have a certain number of targets per level of a skill. A special locator agent can be used from space via the Bounty journal tab for any target on a limited basis.

I don't think any information would need to be added to contract to whoever posts it. And the person who posted it would not know who takes the contract. There would be no limit to the amount of bounty hunters after a target. Contracts should not expire or be able to be canceled.

Add the ability to create a bounty fleet. All players in fleet can engage any target with a bounty and not have to worry about Concord response.

Special options for bounty hunters
  • add a denial module, a valid bounty target can be painted amd would be unable to dock or use a jumpgate for 1 hour, if they log during that time their ship remains in space for 15 minutes

  • after walking in stations is added, they can capture target in the station itself, even buy a warrant using Concord LP to search their quarters

  • clone reprocessing module that kills the capsuleer in their pod and has % chance to retrieve implants

New options to create a contract
  • contracts can only be created if you have kill rights

  • add LP to the bounty payout

  • add modules, implants, ships, and etc to payout

  • add any known intel to the bounty when they post it

Posted - 2011.08.23 02:33:00 - [3]

I think the problem with this is that it's not that much different than the current system where people just pod their alts to collect their own bounty...

Posted - 2011.08.25 01:51:00 - [4]

Originally by: Sigras
I think the problem with this is that it's not that much different than the current system where people just pod their alts to collect their own bounty...

I think this is one of the biggest problems with the current bounty system. I think EVE would be better suited turning it into a more generic version of Bounties, used by Corporations and Alliances in PVP sitations. I think the way I envision it goes something like:

In the Corporations interface, a corp (or alliance) director with the proper skills/authority sets up a bounty against another target corp. They may then select individual pilots, corporations, or ship classes, and assign bounties to them. A CEO can determine who this is visible to: All in the Corp, Alliance, or even based on standings (All 'Excellent' standings; All 'good' standings, etc.). This information then becomes visible to players of the corporation under 'show info' on the ship (just like current bounties show up). Some examples:

1) A CEO decides that he wants to run a campaign to destroy all mining capabilities of a competing corp. He sets a ship-class bounty for 500k ISK per Mining Barge destroyed, and 1M ISK per Exhumer destroyed. For grins, he sets up bounties on all other ship classes in that corp at 250k ISK.

2) A corp has been plagued by a lone Pirate. The CEO can set a bounty on that pirate for 50M ISK, and sets the visibility of the bounty to "All Blue". As before, anybody who is "blue" to the corp may now see the bounty on the lone pirate.

Bounties would be taken directly out of the corporate wallet (or perhaps a special, separate 'bounty' wallet). Like CONCORD bounties are set up now, bounties would be split among gang members.

I feel that something like this would incentivize players towards PVP (not that any more incentive is really needed), and 'bounty hunt' towards corporate/alliance goals. While the money probably doesn't really help that much when it comes to PVP, any cash helps, and it spices up the flavor of bounty hunting by taking the power out of the bounties hands and empowering the people who want to take out the bounties in the first place.

I can, however, see problems with this setup: namely what happens if/when your corp doesn't have enough money in its wallet (or bounty wallet?) to cover a bounty. I imagine if this happens, the simplest solution would be for the game to turn off bounties once the balance is below what it can pay out.

Posted - 2011.09.07 06:25:00 - [5]

you're thinking more of an in alliance reward system for PvP or something like that, Im thinking more of a galaxy wide shady black market system for putting bounties on peoples' heads.


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