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Posted - 2011.08.21 12:37:00 - [1]

Hi there

I'm planning to bring my Sleipnir into lowsec for combat sites (signatures).

As i have absolutely no experience with it vs. NPCs, would you rather recommend 720s over 425 ACs ?
The range on arties is very nice, but i have my doubts about dps.

This would be my autocannon fit:

h: 7x 425s, improved cloak
m: gist x-type LSB, 2 hardeners, shield boost amplifier II, y-t8 mwd
l: 4x RF gyro, 1x TE II
rigs: 2x cap control circuit II
three hammerheads two hobgoblins

A bit pricey, but i will use a scout when going through gates. Perhaps upgrading the mwd to deadspace for less cap penalty at a later time.
What are your opinions? I would love to use an AB instead of a MWD for more speedtanking, but the MWD helps a lot when things go south at gates.

Mainly i will be looking for (minor) annex sites and the occasional 6/10.

Posted - 2011.08.21 22:20:00 - [2]

first if you are set on not using a dc2 then go with 3 gyros and 2 tracking mods...

have you tested yer fit in a mission at least yet? say something compareable to what sites you will be doing.
i see no cap booster and you are flying an active sleip if you get in trouble yer skrewed with only a lsb. granted i dont pve in mine only the occasional belt jacking around, i would prolly ask if someone that uses it for this purpose has a passive fit,as you cannot carry many cap boosters if you chose to change it up. unless yer scout alt is in a cloaky hauler. still i think i would use a cane or something else imo...

also you are gonna be a lol km when die in lowsec with a cloak on a sleip..

FT Diomedes
Factio Paucorum
Posted - 2011.08.21 22:43:00 - [3]

Medium drones are pretty terrible against elite frigates - you would be better off with a full set if light drones.

Mystical Might
The Imperial Fedaykin
Posted - 2011.08.22 00:08:00 - [4]

Where exactly do you plan on doing these "Combat Sites".
You should aim to do them around "Angel Rat" space, if anything due to the naturally high Exp / Therm resistances.

T.I.E. Inc.
Posted - 2011.08.22 00:32:00 - [5]

actually base sleipnir resists are: 62 50 40 50. Highest being em and lowest kinetic.

There was an expert forum user - she got banned during the monocle revolts - she said she loved doing C3 WH's with arties sleipnir. You do have the bonus to falloff but medium guns are medium guns - AC's are good up to 15-20 km but more than that you'll have too many half hits and outright misses.

I myself did arties sleipnir in an incursion mom site - with t2 ammo I could still hit up to 100 km. Yes - your ROF is terrible but your range makes up for it.

Go for arties (gah I never thought I'd say that).


This thread is older than 90 days and has been locked due to inactivity.


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