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Noren Sen
Posted - 2011.08.20 18:15:00 - [1]

I just spent five hours working on a character and experienced a BSOD crash. Isn't there some way to retrieve my session?

I previously lost a session when the cluster shut down for daily maintenance. For there to be no way to save, resume, or retrieve session data in a tool with such intricate customization features would be asinine. If there's no way for me to retrieve what I've lost, I'm going to have to cancel my subscription because there's no way I'm making another attempt on my current hardware. The loss of that work is highly demoralizing.

ISD IonCharge

Posted - 2011.08.20 18:20:00 - [2]

While there is no save function per se, you should keep in mind that only your character's body shape (size, bone structure, etc) is fixed once created. Costmetic changes such as haircut, clothing, etc, and your pose, can be changed whenever you feel like doing so; with this in mind, you may want to set out the basic body you want and just create a portrait with default pose/clothing, and then return to re-tweak it at your leisure.

Toshiro GreyHawk
Posted - 2011.08.21 11:11:00 - [3]

Yes, if you want to get through this and play the game - then as the ISD guy suggested - just concentrate on getting through the basic body creation - all done on the first page but not including the clothes - then finish quick as you can on the second. This will get you a body you like which you can subsequently re-dress and pose later.

To reiterate: the thing you can't change later - is the body of the character. So that is the part you have to get right the first time. Even though you're required to put some cloths on it during the first page - that can be changed later.

Of course - another way of looking at this - is as practice. Time spent in character creation, learning how it works and how to get the look you want for your characters is something that takes some time and experience. The more experienced you are the faster you'll be able to create new characters. Some people have specifically created Trial Accounts - simply to practice their character creation.

Now as far as it goes ... this part of the character creation process has always been flawed. It was flawed under the old system as well.

There are two things I can think of that you can NORMALLY do if you are having problems with character creation and end up with a character whose appearance you don't like:

1) Is to write a petition and see if they'll reset it for you.

2) Is to simply create another character if the one you made you don't like - you can also delete the character you created - especially if you've not put any effort into it.

In your case though neither of these is going to help since apparently you're losing everything you've done and not saving anything.

The thing here - is that you may have a system that not only can't get through character creation - but isn't going to play the game very well either. You seem to feel that your hardware is a problem - and it may well be.

EVE System Requirements.

Another possibility would be creating the character on a different computer, if you have access to one, then seeing if you could run the game on the one you have. Character creation is one of the more (if not the most) resource intensive aspects of EVE. The game itself can not in fact currently duplicate in game the appearance of your character during creation. The monstrosity you find roaming the Captains Quarters that is all there is at the moment to Incarna, bears little resemblance to the magnificent personage you made in the character creator ... So be ready for that little let down too ...

Incarna is so resource intensive that many players uncheck the "Load Station Environment" box in their ESC menu and dispense with it all together.

What you see in Character Creation - is a goal - not what you're going to get in game right now and anyone purchasing EVE with what they see in character creation in mind, strutting their stuff down the station corridors ... is going to be sorely disappointed. The reason you go through all this full body creation process - is that eventually - you're supposed to be able to actually us that character in game and walk it around. The utter Failure that is Captain's Quarters is an indication of just how far they have to go. It's also an indication of which computers will be able to use the full implementation of Incarna and which will not.

Now ... all that said - EVE is still a good Internet Space Shisp game ... but that's all it is. If you're looking for The Sims or Second Life in Space ... that's not what you're going to find. If Internet Space Ships is what you're looking for - the games worth playing.



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