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Luciffer 13
Posted - 2011.08.20 10:13:00 - [1]

Edited by: Luciffer 13 on 21/08/2011 11:33:31
Hi industrials,
im full time explorer in EVE and ocasionaly while im in high sec i scan some gravity sites. Usualy i just write in local name of site e.g. large kernite deposite, but rearly that gets to right people, that wants to mine it.
So i have idea to create dedicated channel for this. Explorers can type region and site name, then if somone is interested they can open private convo for details, for example explorer can give constalation name and if miner wants bookmark they can agree on price. In order to avoid scams (selling false BM's) at beguining i can act as third party, latter there might be more trusty people to do it, or trust might develop betwean people. After all we talking amounts less then 1-2 mil so i dont see reasons for scaming.
Toughts? Good/bad idea?

Shovel Bros
Posted - 2011.08.20 12:58:00 - [2]

Go ahead and do it. Just make a channel and start advertising it. This is a sandbox game afterall. It can't hurt, worst case you have an extra channel sitting around that you're not using.

Exploration Corp
Posted - 2011.08.20 16:48:00 - [3]

Makes sense to me.

Really wanted to post though, becaue I can vouch for Luciffer. He has helped me run some plexes before and a great guy.

Stele Magnus
Posted - 2011.08.20 17:56:00 - [4]

I would love to be in this channel.

Satan's LittleHelper
Posted - 2011.08.20 20:50:00 - [5]

Edited by: Satan''s LittleHelper on 20/08/2011 20:50:49
Channel name: Gravitation
Just give it some time to collect critical mass of people so the thing can start to work.
Edit: wrong char its me Luciffer 13

Valetta Vasquez
Posted - 2011.08.21 16:13:00 - [6]

A damn good idea. I normally end up BM'ing them and just leaving them in a blue can on the system's gate. But I bet most people will think its some kind of extravagant trap or scam and ignore it or a non-miner takes it just because it was blue and free.

Thomas Turnpoint
Posted - 2011.08.21 16:33:00 - [7]

This is a great idea, right up until the time you get a griefer corp or two in the channel pretending to be miners.

Ganking miners in a belt is done for fun, but if they can kill you with a load of Hemorphite, it becomes fun and profit.

Again, really nice idea. I sincerely hope it works out, but watch who you give bookmarks to, and keep an eye on d-scan for probes if you just give the system name.


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