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Lady Mekata
Terminal Impact
Posted - 2011.08.19 16:07:00 - [1]

Edited by: Lady Mekata on 19/08/2011 16:07:37
Anyone in the Atlanta area interested in setting up a meet?

CCP Daishi

Posted - 2011.08.19 22:36:00 - [2]

Why yes. Yes I would :D

Lady Mekata
Terminal Impact
Posted - 2011.08.20 17:43:00 - [3]

Edited by: Lady Mekata on 20/08/2011 17:45:43
Edited by: Lady Mekata on 20/08/2011 17:45:15
Edited by: Lady Mekata on 20/08/2011 17:44:59
Well then say middle of September? Someplace with both booze and food. In the Stone Mountain, Tucker, Snellville area. Everyone is invited so please post with a suggestion of locations, Time/Date. I look foward to hearing from more of you.

Posted - 2011.09.02 21:14:00 - [4]

I am in norcross, Ill buy a round if this thing pops off!

Veto Corp
Posted - 2011.09.03 00:40:00 - [5]

Maybe I'll fly out for it, if it gets organised Very Happy

Posted - 2011.09.04 05:40:00 - [6]

Dragoncon was this weekend and CCP had an event. Raise your hand if you attended. I heard small gang is coming back.

Where is intern-hottmetal?

Corynth Thomas
Posted - 2011.09.04 13:49:00 - [7]

I attended the meet and greet and they did mention something about eventually bringing small gang pvp back. However, they were so scatterbrained about answering anyone's questions there was nothing defined. I was very disappointed to be honest, they were very unprofessional, belching into the mic, interrupting people as they tried to ask questions, and quite often not even answering the question but going off on a tangent about how they were already drinking or that things were "working as intended". The intern that was with them actually made a comment that they were like that every day not just at the meet and greet, well no wonder nothing ever gets resolved. The most professional ones there were the intern and the one guy from WoD who was not allowed to talk but once. Very disappointing.

Kosher Jew
Posted - 2011.09.04 22:34:00 - [8]

The Obnoxious Guy With Great Re-balance Questions says: Metal Maiden, I'm calling you out. Evemail me for a free drink.

Kosher Jew
Posted - 2011.09.04 22:45:00 - [9]

Edited by: Kosher Jew on 04/09/2011 22:46:21
Yeah, they seemed drunk. But then again, who wasn't. Question/Answer periods + alcohol. What can you expect really?

Would've liked more of an objective style presentation though. At least some highlights on what everyone was working on. Longer highlights. It's like we had to drag information out of the panel...

I did specifically request some intel on whether or not there are any efforts and attention being shown for small-mid size fleet pvp. They said lowsec and potentially an incentive for small-fleet warfare. Another dude asked a question about faction warfare which really needs acknowledged also. Faction Wafare should be the gateway into PVP for EVE. EVE is a hands-down PVP mandatory game, but there is no support or guidance system through PVP. That's the 'learning curve'. If you FOCUS ON Faction Warfare, you can build from there. More interaction in faction warfare will spawn more pirates. More pirates means more 3 sided fights. More havoc. More fun.

There is no reason for a 20-40 man fleet to be doing anything in EVE right now. Why do people even roam anymore?
edit: take moon, jew moon gew, disband alliance

Veto Corp
Posted - 2011.09.06 07:23:00 - [10]

Thread now delivers Laughing

CCP Maiden Steel

Posted - 2011.09.06 13:37:00 - [11]

What am I being called out over?

And I'd love an Atlanta meet sometime Very Happy

CCP Big Dumb Object

Posted - 2011.09.06 13:41:00 - [12]

I am the avatar of professionalism.

CCP Headfirst

Posted - 2011.09.06 13:49:00 - [13]

While we appreciate everyone who came out for the event and hope you all had a lot of fun (we sure did!), it seems there was some disconnect between the panel's advertisement and its presentation. Let me sum up:

[EVE Panel] "Hey, everyone, we're the writers for EVE, here to answer any questions you might have about the game's story."

[Very first question} "When are you guys fixing hybrid turrets?!?!?!"

[EVE panel] "Uhh..."

Once again, we love doing stuff like this, but maybe next time we can be a little more specific with the event's title so as not to be confusing about its content. Cheers!

Kosher Jew
Posted - 2011.09.06 14:48:00 - [14]

Originally by: CCP Headfirst
Once again, we love doing stuff like this, but maybe next time we can be a little more specific with the event's title so as not to be confusing about its content. Cheers!

This definitely would have been helpful.

Also, had someone opened the floor with, "We are content writers and designers. We do not control nor influence the balance/re-balancing of TQ. You may ask any question you like, but if the subject is beyond our levels of direct involvement/disclosure we will reserve the right to be vague and comedic." then I certainly wouldn't have been blurting out re-balance sarcasm. Fix supers. Fix corp management. Fix small-mid fleet pvp incentives. Fix FW.

"CCP Games: Meet and Greet"

I believe was the title. Title delivered. Can't really complain.

Oh, and for the record, I don't have a problem with infinite isk-sinks. Whatever keeps money in CCP's pocket.


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