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Virgo Omega
Posted - 2011.08.19 11:09:00 - [1]

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I hate writing long stories, also my english is not very good, so I keep it short and simple.

Who I am:
Trader, someone can say "rich trader", but I sill remeber times when I fly bestower and full of antibiotics and dream about someone who cand lend me few millions. In that time, it will save me weeks.

What I am offering:
Loans - NO collatera and NO interest
50m for two weeks. All customers will be showed here and updated with status of loan.
Any advice you asked for - I want you to repay ISK

What I need from you:
Few sentences about how you would like to use isks from loan. You have to use ISKs for starting small business of any reasonable kind.
Wrong example: I want to buy ship for pirating in 0,0
Good example: I am miner and need better ship, I am courier and need isk for collateral, I wish to produce something and need isks for BPO etc.
More you write, better chance.
I will need your limited API key, just to be sure you are not "old eve players".

For who:
New players only, who would like to start small business /2weeks - 2months old/

How much ISK:
I can start this experiment with budget 250m = 5xloan
Budget can be increased any time.

For fun and for test. I have found some inspiration here - www

Bigger loans possible?
Yes, If you start your business, repay your first loan, you can ask for next bigger 100m for next two weeks...

Is there any risk?
Yes, but all is mine :)

Pls. send your applicatons to Virgo Omega



1st loan - 29.8. - 50m Duane Prowler
I would like to apply for a loan as I recently started the game, and really enjoy mining / industrial tech tree, and am looking for a way to afford a hulk ship. WIth this Hulk ship, I can increase mining time effectively and be able to start paying you back when I get the ISK( it will be quite an upgrade from my osprey)

2nd loan - 29.8. - 50m Valaar Dukumon
I've recently created EVETrans Interstellar Transport and Trading Inc. and a 50M loan would be helpful in increasing the amount of ISK I can provide as collateral for courier contracts. Generall,y contracts with higher collateral pay more in return, so I would be increasing my profits by completing them.
As of now I've been completing many public contracts and have in that time made a few private contacts who've issued me contracts directly. I have ten days of training left until I can pilot a freighter, at which point I plan to make a post about my service on the forums.

3rd loan - 30.9. - 50m From: Sortin Crendraven
I'm not entirely new, having gone through my 21 day trial, and am now almost 2 weeks into my first month (subscribed for 3). I'm still uncertain what area to focus on, but I've always enjoyed playing in the market in any game where it was an option. Of course with EVE, I started out with mining mostly, but then with some isk in the bank, started buying and selling between stations, before I even started doing contract runs. Now contracts make decent returns, but often I'm limited to only one or two packages before I come up short for collateral.
Of course, running contracts isn't all I am working on. I have a list of which commonly looted items I've come across are most profitable to sell or reprocess.

Gatan Hahran
Posted - 2011.08.19 11:18:00 - [2]

Nice idea.. but im wondering if someone who needs 20m would read MD forum. You plan on ingame ads?
Amount seems too low to attract scammers, which is a good thing.

Oh btw.. if the guy pays back 15 times you loan him 1.31072 trillion right? :)

Virgo Omega
Posted - 2011.08.19 11:25:00 - [3]

about ads - maybe people how like this idea can put link to bio, maybe I can find someone who will share this forum post /customers?/
If someone repay few loans - he will not be considered new player anymore - this loans are for new player only

Paul L Atreides
Posted - 2011.08.19 11:28:00 - [4]

Originally by: Virgo Omega

Bigger loans possible?
Yes, If you start your business, repay your first loan, you can take next bigger 40m for next two weeks, If you repay this ..80,160,320...and so on...

That`s like playing with scammers in jita ... hei , i will send you many many times isk , make sure you double all my money i send you .

... until the ammount is too big to resist the temptation ^^

The Great cornholio's
Paper Tiger Coalition
Posted - 2011.08.19 13:14:00 - [5]

That pot you have set aside will be gone in a blink mate.Nice effort/idea but given the average eve players behaviour i don't see it running long.Big sign with 'scam me please' written all over it.

Good luck though if you insist on trying it.

Vim Toe
Posted - 2011.08.19 13:29:00 - [6]

Nice idea, I posted something along the lines of this yesterday.

Levija Saplina
Supremacy Inc.
Not Found.
Posted - 2011.08.19 13:39:00 - [7]

Edited by: Levija Saplina on 19/08/2011 13:39:24
Originally by: Vim Toe
Nice idea, I posted something along the lines of this yesterday.
OCP Investment Bank.
Offering 4% compounded interest payed 1st of every month.
Deposits should be made to me with accompanying mail stating deposit.

Scam alert

Vim Toe
Posted - 2011.08.19 15:15:00 - [8]

Bravo Levija your only a week or so late!!
Move along troll

Virgo Omega
Posted - 2011.08.21 07:39:00 - [9]

some details changed - loan size, limited api required...

any ideas? pls. share

Virgo Omega
Posted - 2011.08.29 12:16:00 - [10]

first loan given, post updated

Sortin Crendraven
Posted - 2011.08.30 00:14:00 - [11]

Originally by: Gatan Hahran
Nice idea.. but im wondering if someone who needs 20m would read MD forum.

I was reading Market Discussion before I even signed up for a trial account.

I'm interested in a boost to my isk available for collateral, as well as making larger purchases for station to station trading possible. Message sent.

Elise DarkStar
Posted - 2011.08.30 00:33:00 - [12]

Gimme your monies.

I trade good with them.

Virgo Omega
Posted - 2011.08.30 08:30:00 - [13]

2nd and 3rd loan given

Virgo Omega
Posted - 2011.09.01 10:00:00 - [14]

2x50m loan still available, contact me in game if you are interested

Sortin Crendraven
Posted - 2011.09.07 02:27:00 - [15]

A week into my loan, starting at 70m of my own, plus a generous 50m loan from Virgo Omega, I'm now sitting comfortably on 251m in my wallet.

A tremendous opportunity, thank you.

The Legendary Conquest
Posted - 2011.09.07 04:06:00 - [16]

Nice idea. If I had seen this a month or two earlier I might have taken one myself. We'll see what this turns into.

Sortin Crendraven
Posted - 2011.09.08 06:40:00 - [17]

Loan repaid. Ended up around 340m in total assets. Wanted to get it paid back before the forum goes read-only.

Thank you.


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