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Blue Moon Salvage Yard
Posted - 2011.08.18 16:18:00 - [1]

Fellow Pilots,

As a deep-space explorer, I wanted to make my fellow pilots aware of a new threat that has begun to surface on the outer edges of space. Myself and my associates were conducting an operation in a system far from the nearest station in the area. <Exact details of the location and operation are obviously confidental, as the area is still deemed "High-Value" to our clients> when we were assualted by a group of ships. Luckily, we were prepared for such an event and we all managed to escape with our ships intact. (We did however have to leave behind some of our mining drones, which were collecting core asteroid samples.)Looking through our after-action log reports, we deemed that the group was composed of Marauder ships, and that they utilized advanced cloaking devices in order to approuch our ships without our being aware. The group calls themselves the "Outer Ring Marauders". Our attempts to contact the Marauder ships post-encounter were unsuccessful, and we did not see them again during the operation.

This is the current extent of our information. More information will be released as we obtain it.

Hopefully my fellow capsuleers will be able to use this information to keep themselves and their associates safe.

Contracted Pilot,
Deep Core Mining Inc.

Blue Moon Salvage Yard
Posted - 2011.08.19 15:23:00 - [2]


Fellow Pilots: We have recieved additional information from another exploration party,which was told to keep an eye out for any abnormal activity.

Pilot: DCEG (Deep core exploration group) This is Bravo 2-1.
DCEG: Go ahead Bravo 2-1.
Pilot: Do we have any additional ships in the area?
DCEG: That's a negetive Bravo 2-1, you guys are all we have out there.
Pilot: I'm showing two additional ships in the local sector, no visual.
DCEG: Bravo 2-1, run a D-Scan and evaluate.
Pilot: Rgr DCEG, running scan.
<Pilot runs D-Scan and checks on Information through local system channels>
Pilot: DCEG, Bravo 1. Scan comes up empty, but these guys are definately here.
DCEG: Rgr Bravo 2-1, transmit their local channel info.
Pilot: Rgr, transmitting now, please confirm reception.
DCEG: Confirmed recieved. Standby.
Pilot: Bravo 2-1, standing by.
DCEG: DCEG, Bravo 2-1. Be advised, we confirm that those ships belong to Marauders, and are considered hostile.
Pilot: Marauders? The same guys that 3-5 and his group almost got hit by?
DCEG: Thats correct 2-1, DCEG advises you to relocate ASAP.
Pilot: DCEG, we're halfway through cycles, request permission to finish samples first.
DCEG: They're your ships Captain.
Pilot: Understood, also: request permission to attempt to contact Marauder ships?
DCEG: That is not advised 2-1, besides, 3-5 tried for about an hour and got nothing.
Pilot: Not advised or not permitted DCEG?
DCEG: Again 2-1 they're your ships.
Pilot: <On Local Frequency> Unidentified ships, we are a non-combat unit. We mean you no harm, and are simply collecting samples, please acknowledge.
<No response on local frequency>
Pilot: <Repeats Transmission>
Pilot: Bravo 2-1, DCEG. No response to local transmissions. Anyway, we're wrapping up here and heading back to command.
DCEG: Rgr Bravo 2-1, we'll see you when you get back.

Thankfully, no one was hurt. It seems however that these "Marauders" are here to stay, at least in the area we're working in. They have since been sighted in local channels by no less than 2 other parties from our group. No additional attacks or communications have been reported.

I will do my best to keep you updated.

Contracted Pilot
Deep Core Mining Inc.


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