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Graeme Rowney
Posted - 2011.08.18 00:13:00 - [1]

I believe that it would be a good idea for a corporation with Eve should be more like a country than a company. This would allow another element to corps where they can be democracy’s or dictatorships. Allow the country to have one leader who is voted for every set amount of time by the people in the country. Or have a dictator who rules over everyone. Each type should have its advantages. Such as a way for lower people to participate in the democracy with the reduced security that they could be living with corrupt leaders who could be stealing from them. Dictators should be given rule over all the people meaning they have to work hard to keep their country alive. Also a democracy should be able to become a dictatorship with one wrong vote where the leader turns off the voting. This would allow revolution within a corporation allowing small groups of people to rise up against each other within the same country (those in support and those opposed). This means there should be some way of overthrowing the leader of a dictator ship such as declaring revolution and then killing the leader.
Alliances could be more like continents or groups like the EU and the UN encouraging trade between them putting in place mechanics that make it easier to make money from each other within the same alliance while also helping each other out.

This is just a quick idea that needs to be pulled apart but what do u think ?

Tyme Xandr
State Protectorate
Posted - 2011.08.18 04:15:00 - [2]

They are corporations because one person started it for a goal. As you make friends in EVE you will find people you can trust. If your CEO/Directors dont listen to you and do things you dont like you just have to quit and join a new corp that fits your playstyle. Or make your own.

There are plenty of corps who give out shares and put votes up concerning daily/weekly activities. Try to find one if your looking for a democratic corporation (or once again start your own).

EVE is about making money. Its the only thing you have to do since skilling is automatic.


This thread is older than 90 days and has been locked due to inactivity.


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