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Trii Seo
Posted - 2011.08.17 19:34:00 - [1]

Edited by: Trii Seo on 17/08/2011 21:13:36
Edited by: Trii Seo on 17/08/2011 20:37:52
Having a bit of a problem running EVE on my laptop (As in topic, it's Debian, squeeze 32. eve version is outdated, wanted to update it after I get it running - it's Incursion

Installed using Winetricks (along with d3dx9 modules + corefonts to prevent crashing), it passes the splashscreen and lands on black screen.

The sound is going fine and mouse cursor changes according to the content. The menu itself - doesn't display (GUI and background)

(Laptop itself is running an integrated intel G45 - guaranteed if it'll run, the performance may be abysmal. But hey - you can always set the skill queue)

Additionally, console output has this to tell about this issue:

fixme:d3d_shader:shader_glsl_load_constants >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> GL_INVALID_OPERATION (0x502) from glUniform4fvARB @ ../../../dlls/wined3d/glsl_shader.c / 410

until killed.

EDIT: It actually does not. When dumping to a text file, when black screen appeared and I killed it - following lines ended up visible.
EVE Client version 6.45 build 264377 starting  16:40:07
Network layer using: StacklessIO
Multi-Language System: Client using language [EN]
Starting up Trinity through _trinity_deploy.dll ...
Registering new 'alignCount' stat
Registering new 'flagNextCount' stat
Registering new 'CarbonUI/labelLayout' stat
EVE Client version 6.45 build 264377 started 16:40:23
Starting services
Service dataconfig: 0.010s
Service machoNet: 0.001s
Service objectCaching: 0.000s
Service addressbook: 0.000s
Service clientStatsSvc: 0.000s
Service godma: 0.000s
Service photo: 0.000s
Service mailSvc: 0.000s
Service notificationSvc: 0.000s
Service LSC: 0.000s
Service patch: 0.000s
Service inv: 0.000s
Service pwn: 0.000s
Service focus: 0.000s
Service debug: 0.000s
Service jumpQueue: 0.000s
Service scanSvc: 0.000s
Service browserHostManager: 0.000s
Service jumpMonitor: 0.000s
Service calendar: 0.000s
Service liveUpdateSvc: 0.000s
Service monitor: 0.000s
Service processHealth: 0.000s
Service devToolsClient: 0.000s
Starting services - Done
Service mouseInput: 0.000s
Service invCache: 0.000s
Service counter: 0.000s
Service settings: 0.002s
Service michelle: 0.000s
Service device: 0.001s
Service sceneManager: 0.000s
Service gameui: 0.101s
Service cider: 0.000s
Service font: 0.001s
Service registry: 0.000s
Service loading: 0.000s
Service audio: 0.322s
Service log: 0.000s
Service ime: 0.002s
Service cmd: 0.043s
Service connection: 0.000s
Service damage: 0.000s
Service logger: 0.001s
Service vivox: 0.000s
Service ownerprimer: 0.000s
Service petition: 0.000s
Service ui: 0.000s
Service window: 0.000s
Service z: 0.000s
Service consider: 0.000s
Service incursion: 0.000s
Service cameraClient: 0.001s
Service moonScan: 0.000s
Service webtools: 0.000s
Service form: 0.000s
Service war: 0.000s
Service jukebox: 0.001s
Service neocom: 0.000s

So it seems it boots up regardless of the error lines. The screen, however, remains black.

Posted - 2011.08.21 07:33:00 - [2]

First, do you use the stable wine from the debian repos or the debian-unstable wine packages from winehq?

Try if winetricks vcrun2005 vcrun2008 fixes this. Further, try running it in a virtual desktop by either invoking the wine explorer or setting one in winecfg.

Try to disable glsl, the intel seems to have difficulties with it.

Debian wine is built without --libmpg123 so the old jukebox crash is very likely.

Trii Seo
Posted - 2011.08.24 20:55:00 - [3]

Using Debian repo build of wine, and vcrun2005/2008 are installed. I run it with desktop by default.

Adding UseGLSL=disabled + explorer simply kills it, wine states the game requires shader model 2.0 or higher and doesn't boot at all. So I'd say there's a high chance of the whole issue being knocking on open door - the hardware is simply outdated.

Without explorer it runs like it did before.

On the other hand, I've struck a similar problem with launching several older games that should run perfectly, so those could be connected.

Publius Victrix
Posted - 2011.09.01 21:00:00 - [4]

Sorry I'm late in replying... Can I recommend that you grab the source from git and build it? It's a fairly straightforward job if you have the pieces you need, and you can manage Wine nicely with stow once it's built.

apt-get install stow
apt-get install libmpg123-dev libmpg123-0
apt-get install git
apt-get build-dep wine
git clone git:// ~/wine-git
cd ~/wine-git
./configure --with-mpg123
make install prefix=/usr/local/stow/wine
cd /usr/local/stow
stow wine

This is largely from memory, but it should be essentially correct. Once done, you can periodically go back into your wine source directory and say "git pull" to grab the latest code.

Trii Seo
Posted - 2011.09.07 11:36:00 - [5]

Oh, already done that after the repo version didn't work. Didn't try much more afterwards, had barely any time and now I'm back home so... no need to worry.

My guess? GFX. And I did manage to get it through the menu to update process, but it seemed to fail so it'd need a bit more work (probably, as it was suggested, link to C:// in wine dir since I didn't install it in the default one)

Anyway - case kinda closed. I guess it could be left here for future reference (though we're using new forums now!)


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