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MrGoodbytes Tzasch
Nox Industry and Security
Posted - 2011.08.17 15:26:00 - [1]

Mr. Goodbytes tapped his fingers absently on the console in front of him, awaiting the first reports of the operation. The rest of the crew on the control deck were tersely communicating with nearly two dozen other ships, Tormentor class mining frigates. Making sure calibrations were just so on their mining lasers, positioning within the asteroid belt, and countless other minutiae to make sure that optimal yield was produced.

Mr. Goodbytes had worked hard for this moment, the efforts he personally had put into this last month were exhaustive. He had been mining, refining, manufacturing, recruiting, training. All for this moment, this first of many mining operations. Everything in this belt that was flying, he had made. He had torn it from the very asteroids they were now mining and nurtured it into something great, something with purpose. The men flying these vessels he had made, hand picked from various academies and schools all over the region. Nothing but the most ambitious, and the most loyal of capsuleers were invited to join this newly formed corporation. Further groomed into the position by becoming intimately familiar with their vessels and all Mr. Goodbytes had put into them. Up until this point, Mr. Goodbytes had overseen every detail of the operation and now, it was time to delegate some responsibility. He had two clear options of the pack...

The first reports started flooding in from all the ships under his command, numbers flying past on his console like the many stars that have flashed before his eyes. The numbers were within acceptable parameters. He allowed himself the most imperceptable of smiles. With numbers like these, these pilots will have paid off themselves in no time he thought.

The first standout was another Ammarian, a Khanid like himself. Though while he had a head for business, the Khanid was a ruthless killer, a physical embodiment of war. His name was Ratushniak, and had been a close friend since his own days in the academy. Ratushniak knew every detail of every ship, weapon, and defence systems in the known 'verse, right down to how many rivets where on the Titan class Avatars. His skill in combat was unmatched, and the one time Mr. Goodbytes had tried to best him, he was left with a six inch long scar crossing over his left eye. He touched it absently, before putting his hand down before anyone caught him. Unlike other capsuleers, Mr. Goodbytes understood the importance of scars. They were left behind to serve as a reminder for past mistakes. Lessons learned, made in flesh. Thus why he refused to have the simple cosmetic surgery done, even though the cost was negligable.

His second choice was a Caldari, nicknamed Maximillion. Though he was surprised Maximillion could fly a ship, this man had a shrewd head for numbers, he was all business, all the time. Right now Maximillion was flying his industrial, a Badger Mark II, its mining laser working furiously, but was not simply producing any worthwhile results. Mr. Goodbytes was at a loss for this type of behaviour, but Maximillion insisted every time. He could certainly run the business end of the arrangement, but he would have to work on his mining skills slightly.

The Tormentors continued to do their jobs, pulling as much ore out as they could. Currently they were pushing two hundred cubic meters a minute, with basic mining lasers. With more training and research they could push this further. With better ships and equipment, those numbers would rocket. Maximillion took his Badger and started taking ore from the Tormentors, their holds were not equipped to deal with large volumes. Ratushniak sat in his Coercer, a monstrosity bristling with long range weapons. Providing much needed muscle as it were to this otherwise nearly helpless mining fleet. And Mr. Goodbytes sat in his Bestower, overseeing the whole operation with a calm reserved for the enlightened. An Empire, built on asteroids. His goal was just beginning to take form.

MrGoodbytes Tzasch
Nox Industry and Security
Posted - 2011.08.17 15:29:00 - [2]

Red began flashing on the screens. The Comms Officer shouted out, "Five of Sansha's ships incoming. Identifying now!"

Mr. Goodbytes turned to his Fleet Officer and raised his eyebrow. The Fleet Officer turned to his comms and hailed Ratushniak. "Sir, lock all targets as soon as possible. Hold your fire until ordered."

From over the comms came Ratushniaks raspy response, "Confirmed, targets locked." Mr. Goodbytes could see the eight turrets swivel in the direction of the enemy vessels, incoming as full speed.

The Fleet Officer changed a setting on the comms and addressed the fleet as a whole, "Prepare for Order Falconry within twenty clicks." Various voices filtered in through the comms, all in agreeance to their orders. The Tormentors all aligned with the nearest dockable station, as did Maximillion's Badger. The Bestower however remained still.

The Comms Officer shouted "Four Succubi and one Phantasm." Mr. Goodbytes white-knuckled his chair, more than he was expecting. Mining numbers continued popping up on the screen and with the swipe of his hand they disappeared, they meant nothing at the moment. He nodded to his Fleet Officer.

The Fleet Officer turned to the comms, "Destroy Succubi first, then focus on the Phantasm." All eight of the Coercers Railguns tore through the hull of the closest Succubi, making it explode almost instantly from the sheer destructive force imparted by the weapons. He heard Ratushniak cackling on the comms, it was a well placed shot, he would not deny that. The second ship fell apart with almost as much ease, though it required an extra salvo. By now the enemy ships were close enough to fire back, however ineffectively. With the enemy closing in fast the Fleet Officer switched the comms again, "Prepare for Operation Falconry, targeting the Phantasm." By now another Succubi fell under the withering hail of magentically propelled slugs from the railguns. The last two enemy ships were too close and too fast for Ratushniak however and he backed off while switching ammo types, time for something a little more close range.

Finally the enemy breached the twenty click mark, and twenty hornet drones erupted from the bays of the Tormentors and swarmed the Phantasm, tearing at the hull like a pack of hunting animals nipping at much larger prey on ancient Terra. The Bestower moved forward and threw a stasis field on the Succubi and activated the Nosferatu and Pulse Masar systems, quickly turning the ship into a twisted wreck of its former self.

The Phantasm however was holding its own against the drones, having destroyed about half. It started focusing its fire on the Bestower and the first shot raked the shields with significant force. By this time however the Coercer had finished loading anti-matter rounds, short range slugs of destruction. The first salvo knocked out the shields on the Phantasm. Then slowly, the armor was peeled away. Mr. Goodbytes opened up a comms line to the Phantasm while it was being whittled away at.

"Sansha's Slave, you will die here if you continue this course of action. Surrender your ship to us and we will let you live." The Phantasm issued no reponse, other than the continuous firing of its weapon systems. Shame, he thought. One last salvo and Ratushniak claims his kill and loots the wreckages, sifting through corpses and cargo alike. The drones returned to their respective bays, and the miners returned to their rocks.

Not a bad first day. Mr. Goodbytes smiled. This would definately be an interesting business after all, and though his crew was new they handled themselves, and their ships, well.


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