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Sue Cheng
Posted - 2011.08.17 10:03:00 - [1]

... see the sticky galore of Nullsec.

You are trying to tackle all the problems of Nullsec in one strike, which is impossible and such major changes will introduce numerous other things that will need to be rebalanced over and over.

Hence I recommend to fix it slowly and steadily.

First and major problem:
All the Sov changes so far were made, so it would be easier for smaller entities to get a foot into nullsec.
This has failed, as we see large entities (Bob, NC) have gone and made way for even larger ones (DRF).
Hence: Sov System failed.

This is largely due to the fact not only that the Sov System with its structures is so easily conquered by SCaps, it is also SCap balance, especially SCarriers.

So my suggestion would be to first and foremost fix SuperCarriers.
IMHO an easy fix: Cut their EHP down to 50% (at least) so an Aeon cannot have the same EHP than an Avatar (that costs triple the ISK).
Nerf fighterbombers. Up Titan DPS against other Titans and SCarriers.

Then tackle Sov System:
The current system with iHubs etc. failed. There was a good suggestion in here somewhere by a player called Tairon (some dev even answered to his post). You need a way to get more players involved and to split fights at least over 3 systems. A sort of tower defense in a single system (as it is currently) is not working with mega-blobs and the SCarrier i-Win Button.

Also it is completely fail that you can with supers and dreads conquer a system that is actually in the heart of ones territory. It would totaly make sense that Sov can only be taken from borders to borders and hence slow down the process how fast you can take Sov.
This would it make far easier for small entities having 3-4 systems or a single constellation. If they cannot be wiped out in a week like now, but system would have to be strategically taken, they would have more time to prepare and possibly batphone in allies etc.

Currently the only defense mechanic is Cynojammers. As soon as the Cynojammer goes down you lose as the enemy is jumping in SCarriers. There is the need to include more defense mechanics not only offensive ones. I have no real idea which ones could be introduced, but you at least need to start thinking in terms of defensive mechanics, currently anything is offensive (apart from POS guns).

If you tackle these things, then start talking about, Home, Mining, PvE etc. as currently all time you invest in these topics are wasted, as long as you do not get more ppl into nullsec in a variety of alliances and not 2-3 large entities that will then rule ISK wise, as they can bot highend mins, highend rats and highend moons. With the above problems, the distribution of nullsec fails and hence nullsec concepts are obsolete.

Lucien Visteen
Posted - 2011.08.17 10:11:00 - [2]

Please take a moment to read the devblog that is linked in every one of the feedback stickies. CCP make it quite clear that this is stuff that wont be happening all at once, more like a long term goal of theirs

And also, they are meant for feedback, a way for them to get an understanding of what we think of these ideas.

It is stuff that may or may not come to pass based on how we take it.


This thread is older than 90 days and has been locked due to inactivity.


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