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Aust Dingo
Posted - 2011.08.16 19:20:00 - [1]

Hey, i was wondering if there was any good stright forward, cost to sale price including other %'s spread sheet like or just any took out there that is east to use? :) I've tried doing it on paper lol would be greatfull if you guys could throw one my way.

Shovel Bros
Posted - 2011.08.16 19:43:00 - [2]

... I'm honestly not sure what you're asking for at all. Try again maybe?

Kushan Industrial
Posted - 2011.08.16 19:45:00 - [3]

Are you just looking for a tool or spreadsheet which gives you a % profit margin on a manufacturing job?

If so, there are many tools and spreadsheets which do this. EveMEEP is a good stand-alone application which will do this, amongst many other things. Akita T's mastersheet is also an excellent resource if you prefer a spreadsheet.

Tau Cabalander
Posted - 2011.08.16 21:33:00 - [4]

Never paper! You can get the free Open Office suite.

I didn't install it until I started playing EVE and needed a spreadsheet program Embarassed

Deep Space Innovations
Posted - 2011.08.16 22:25:00 - [5]

I'm biased, but I think this is a pretty good program Wink


This thread is older than 90 days and has been locked due to inactivity.


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