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Ramdar Chinken
Posted - 2011.08.16 18:34:00 - [1]

Edited by: Ramdar *****en on 06/09/2011 20:19:02
This is a lottery for a Machariel and a pirate faction cruiser of your choice located in Jita.

There are 225 tickets that can be purchased for 5,000,000 ISK each.

To purchase a ticket send ISK to me with a reason of "Machariel1" to be tracked properly through SOMER's Lottery service.
Link to lottery site can be found here.

The winning number has been secured using Chribba's locked dice and a link to the roll can be found here
and on the lottery page.

If you have any questions I can be evemailed or reached on twitter.

SOMER Lottery Services will be providing escrow service for this lottery.

Thank you for looking.

Somerset Mahm
Somer's Omnibus Exploration and Reclamation
Cognitive Distortion
Posted - 2011.08.18 01:46:00 - [2]

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Posting to confirm that we currently hold this lottery's prizes in escrow. In the event of any issues, SOMER guarantees the prizes will be awarded!

Prize is a Machariel.

SOMER Lotteries will provide ticket tracking for this lottery. We are in possession of the lottery holder's full API key.

Need your lottery or other trade secured? Check out SOMER Escrow. High-quality service cheaper than the competition. Third-party and lottery ticket services all in one.

Ramdar Chinken
Posted - 2011.08.18 18:09:00 - [3]

Rixx Javix just bought 20 tickets. Don't let that filthy pirate win a Machariel!!!

Rixx Javix
Lucifer's Hammer
Posted - 2011.08.18 22:24:00 - [4]

Hey, wait just a second! Pirates are people too. :(

Ramdar Chinken
Posted - 2011.08.19 16:50:00 - [5]

Pirates are people who shoot other people. Do we *really* want you shooting us with a MACHARIEL?

Of course not! You should only be allowed to fly a rookie ship you dangerous, dangerous man!



Ramdar Chinken
Posted - 2011.08.22 13:26:00 - [6]

Boring update: 38 tickets sold. Buy some tickets!!

Ramdar Chinken
Posted - 2011.08.26 18:35:00 - [7]

Another boring update.

41 tickets sold.


Ramdar Chinken
Posted - 2011.09.06 20:17:00 - [8]

Ok, this lottery just isn't moving.

I'm going to add a pirate faction cruiser of your choice to this lottery if you win.


Ramdar Chinken
Posted - 2011.09.07 13:23:00 - [9]

20 more tickets sold.

164 tickets remaining.

Win a Mach and a faction cruiser of your choice!



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